Hi, I’m Nic!

As a seasoned real estate investor with decades of experience – from hotels to sponsoring syndications to residential and commercial rentals – I’ve navigated countless peaks and pitfalls. Now I’m trying to shortcut your learning curve, minus the bruises! Expect candid insights into building your empire through shrewd acquisitions and winning management strategies. Consider me your guide as we uncover ideas for real estate investing success.

Real Estate Investing Fail……

As newlyweds, my husband and I became intrigued by real estate investing after attending a seminar on creative ways to enter the industry without money—perfectly describing our situation.

We discovered three multi-family properties being sold by a local university with seller financing. Since we had no money for down payments, we charged them to our credit cards and eagerly jumped into the investment.

However, we faced challenges as we lacked knowledge of property evaluation and tenant management and couldn’t access dependable resources for repairs and maintenance – all of which the seminar failed to cover.

Ultimately, we lost significant money, ended up in substantial debt, and were forced to move in with my parents to regain our financial footing.

multifamily property
One of our apartment complexes
one of our hotels
One of our hotels

To Hotel Real Estate Syndications…..

After our challenging experience, we managed to turn things around. My husband began working for a property management company specializing in large multi-family apartment complexes.

Gradually, we expanded our portfolio from a small four-plex to larger multi-family properties, eventually owning hotels and sponsoring hotel syndications.

Our past mistakes taught us valuable lessons, making us more resilient. We now strive to share our knowledge with others to help them avoid similar pitfalls. It’s been thrilling to recount our journey on various platforms, such as the popular real estate podcast BiggerPockets and an article in Country Living that detailed our transition to hotels. You can see the BiggerPockets episode with my story here:

presenting at a real estate investor meeting
Presenting at an investor meeting and casual BBQ

A podcast to Now A Blog…..

I started a podcast in 2019 called The Richer Geek. I chatted with all sorts of entrepreneurs – from barbershop owners and trucking companies to restaurant owners – and investors who dabbled in real estate, mortgage notes, and land.

Plus, some amazing guests offered valuable services in business lending, franchise brokerage, and self-directed IRA custodians, which added depth to the show. We had a ton of fun, and I learned a lot, too, but I transferred the podcast reins to my husband in 2020 to focus on other areas. 

I wanted to share, learn, and inspire again, so I’m thrilled to start this blog! It’s less time-consuming than the podcast, and I can still share and learn from others. Thank you for taking the time to explore it!

If you are wondering where to start, check out my mega list of ways to make money in real estate investing. 🏘✨🚀

presenting at a podcast conference
Presenting at Podfest in March 2020