Are you an Airbnb host looking to boost your bookings and revenue? Or are you a photographer looking for a profitable business idea? For both– the answer is Airbnb photography.

    Did you know Airbnb photos can make or break a host’s success?

    Professional photography is so important in my hotel business that national brands require it. High-quality photos are vital for success in real estate today — so much so that it has become an excellent option for a career.

    For owners, you can increase your occupancy rates and income just by using professional-quality photos or learning simple photography techniques. Airbnb photography can significantly affect your results.

    And since Airbnb rentals are becoming increasingly popular and (as you’ll see in this article) owners need to use professional photography for their profiles, becoming a professional Airbnb photographer is an excellent way to use your photography skills, help people fulfill a need, and make money.

    Whether you want to increase bookings as an owner or are looking for a cool new business idea, Airbnb photography is the answer. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Airbnb photos, the benefits of using professional photography, and if you’re a budding entrepreneur/photographer, a spark to start a business.


    • Airbnb photography is fundamental for host success, attracting more guests.
    • The benefits of investing in quality photos include standing out, trust-building, and higher booking rates.
    • Photos are not a one-time thing…. you need regular updates to keep your listing fresh.
    • Be sure to use ethical practices to maintain an appealing Airbnb profile that is true to what the property looks like.

    What is Airbnb Photography?

    Airbnb photography is the art and practice of capturing high-quality photos of your Airbnb listing.

    It involves taking pictures of the Airbnb rental space, including bedrooms, living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms, to showcase its unique features and better attract potential guests.

    what is airbnb photography

    Benefits of Applying Professional Photography in Airbnb

    Using professional photography in Airbnbs has many benefits. Here are a few simple reasons why it’s worth investing time in:

    • Attract more guests: One photo can make a whole world of difference. Professional photos will catch potential guests’ eyes and increase booking chances by showcasing your space with beautiful images.
    • Stand out from the competition: Listings will look more appealing than “regular” photos in other ads. Professional photos will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace.
    • Highlight your unique features: Great photos can capture a space’s special details and amenities, like a cozy fireplace or a stunning view, making it more inviting for guests.
    • Build trust: Quality photos help build guests’ trust. They’ll feel more confident about booking when they see clear and accurate representations of your space.
    • Increase booking rates: Studies show that listings with professional photos increase booking rates and earnings by 20%.

    By investing in Airbnb photography, you can enhance the appeal of your listing, attract more guests, and increase your chances of success on the platform.

    For anyone interested in becoming an Airbnb photographer, the above are all reasons you would be in demand.

    Tips on How to Take the Perfect Airbnb Photos

    Taking incredible Airbnb photos helps showcase your space and attract potential guests.

    For Airbnb owners, here’s how to create an impressive listing with a smartphone and a premium photo editing app. And for those looking to start an Airbnb photography business, you can apply some of these tips to your repertoire.

    Clean And Declutter

    Before snapping photos, clean and tidy up the space. Remove any unnecessary clutter to create a clean and inviting atmosphere.

    Create The Right Ambiance

    Set up the space to create a warm and welcoming vibe. Consider adding cozy touches like soft lighting, fresh flowers, or decorative items that showcase the space’s character.

    Showcase Each Room

    Capture multiple photos of each room from various angles.

    Make sure to highlight the needed features and amenities in each room. It gives potential guests a clear idea of what to expect.

    Use Natural Light

    Open curtains and let in as much natural light as possible.

    Natural light brightens the space and makes photos look more appealing and true to life. Avoid using harsh artificial lights that can distort colors.

    Frame Your Shots

    Consider composition and framing when taking photos.

    Use the rule of thirds by mentally dividing the frame into a 3×3 grid and position key elements along these lines or at their intersections. This technique creates a visually pleasing composition.

    Highlight Unique Features

    If the space has standout features, such as a stunning view, a cozy fireplace, or stylish decor, showcase them in your photos. These unique elements can attract guests’ attention and set your listing apart.

    Take Your Time

    Don’t rush through the photography process.

    Take time to set up each shot, adjust the composition, and ensure everything is in its place. Patience and attention to detail can make a big difference in the quality of your photos.

    Avoid Heavy Editing

    While it’s okay to enhance your photos slightly with editing tools, avoid excessive filters or heavy editing that can make the space look unrealistic. Keep the images accurate to how the space looks. Plus, most guests want to see the space as-is.

    Take Plenty Of Photos

    Don’t limit yourself to just a few photos. Experiment with different angles, perspectives, and compositions.

    By taking more photos, you will have more options to choose from when selecting the best photos for your listing.

    Taking great Airbnb photos requires attention to detail, cleanliness, and showcasing the unique aspects of your space. Follow these tips to take professional-looking, appealing images that attract guests to increase your chances of getting bookings.

    Airbnb photo requirements

    What To Photograph In An Airbnb Photo Shoot?

    When photographing an Airbnb, there are areas and features that you should capture to attract potential guests. Here is a checklist of what to shoot.

    • Start by taking a photo of the property’s exterior so guests can see what it looks like from the outside.
    • Next, focus on the main living spaces, including the living room, dining area, and kitchen. Showcase the layout, decor, and unique features that make these spaces inviting.
    • Be sure to photograph each bedroom, highlighting the pillows and any special touches like artwork or cozy lighting.
    • Don’t forget the bathrooms! Take a photo of each bathroom, emphasizing clean countertops, modern showers or bathtubs, and fresh towels.
    • If the Airbnb has outdoor spaces like a patio or garden, include photos of these areas, too.
    • Show any seating areas, plants, exercise equipment, special appliances, or other niceties guests can enjoy. Highlight your property’s exceptional amenities, such as a pool, gym, or game room.
    • Finally, pay attention to the details that add to the overall experience. Take photos of welcome baskets, guest books, charming decorations, bookshelves, and cozy reading nooks.

    You can showcase your vacation rental property in an appealing way to potential guests by capturing these key areas and features.

    What Are The Requirements For A High-Quality Airbnb Photo?

    Understanding the requirements for superior photos before uploading them to your Airbnb listing will save you time and energy later.

    These guidelines will ensure that your photos look their best and help potential guests understand what the space offers.

    Here are the essential requirements to keep in mind:

    1. Number of Photos: You should aim to upload at least five photos to make your listing more attractive. These photos will be displayed in a grid layout on your listing, giving potential guests a good look at your place.
    2. Size and Resolution: The minimum resolution for each photo is 1024 by 683 pixels. This ensures that your photos will appear clear and high-quality. Higher-resolution pictures look better and more professional.
    3. Individual Images: Avoid creating collages or combining multiple photos into a single image. Each photo you upload should stand independently, showing your space’s different and unique aspects. It helps guests get a better sense of what they can expect.
    4. File Size: Be mindful of the file size of your photos. Each photo you upload should not exceed 30 megabytes. Keep your file sizes within this limit to successfully upload your pictures to your listing.

    These requirements will help you present your space in the best possible way. Clear and attractive photos can make your listing more appealing to potential guests and increase your chances of getting bookings.

    Optimizing Your Airbnb Listing With Professional Photos

    Most people are looking for a specific type of rental property. Highlighting the unique amenities people seek will increase your bookings.

    Your Airbnb photos are a powerful tool for attracting guests, but just like in business, you will succeed more if you can attract your target audience through your photos.

    Here’s how to make Airbnb listings more appealing to a specific audience using high-quality photos:

    • Know Your Target Audience: Understand the type of guests you want to attract. If you aim for families, focus on photos of family-friendly features. For couples, highlight romantic details.
    • Show Versatility: If your space can accommodate different types of guests, like families and business travelers, showcase its versatility with photos that appeal to all potential guests.
    • Tell a Story: Arrange your photos to tell a story. Start with an inviting exterior, move through the living spaces, and end with close-ups of charming details.

    These small gestures can make the difference between someone choosing your property and someone else’s.

    how to optimize your listing with photos

    The Best Order Of Photos For An Airbnb Listing

    The order of your photos matters when displaying them on an Airbnb listing because it’s like telling a visual story to potential guests.

    Note: When featuring an entire room, use panoramic shots — they’re the best way to show it in a single picture.

    Here’s the best order to follow:

    1. A Great First Impression: First impressions matter! Your property’s stunning exterior should be the first image guests see. A good curb appeal photo will make them want to explore more.
    2. Living Room: Showcase the living room after the exterior. It is where guests will spend a lot of their time, so make it look inviting and comfortable.
    3. Bedrooms: Next should come the bedrooms. Display each one individually, starting with the primary bedroom. Use bright, well-lit photos to make them look cozy and comfortable.
    4. Bathrooms: Guests want to see the bathrooms and their amenities. Include photos of your bathrooms to show how clean and modern they are.
    5. Kitchen and Dining Area: Highlight your kitchen and dining space. These areas are essential for guests who prefer to cook or dine in.
    6. Special Features: If your property has unique or special features, such as a beautiful view or a hot tub, showcase them here.
    7. Close-Ups: Finish with close-up photos of the details that make your space unique, like decorations, artwork, or stylish furniture.

    This order takes guests on a journey, starting with the outside and moving through the spaces they’ll use most. It helps them visualize their stay and makes listing more appealing.

    Remember, honesty is important. Make sure your photos accurately represent the property.

    the best order of photos for an Airbnb listing

    Hiring Professional Airbnb Photographers

    If you want to take your Airbnb listing to the next level and not worry about taking photos yourself, consider hiring professional photography services or Airbnb photographers.

    These experts know all the tricks to make your space look its best.

    They know how to arrange furniture, set up props, and create a welcoming atmosphere that will make people want to stay in your place. Professional photographers pay attention to all the little details.

    They use lighting, angles, and composition to capture the perfect shot. They can make your space look even better than in real life. They use top-of-the-line equipment and editing techniques.

    Using a professional photographer ensures your photos look stunning and stand out. High-quality images grab people’s attention and make them more likely to book your place. Hiring a skilled photographer can also save you the time and effort of doing all the staging work and photo editing yourself. You’ll get the best Airbnb photos possible without the hassles.

    Instead of trying to learn photography skills and taking and editing photos yourself, you can leave it to the professionals. They’ll handle everything, so you can focus on other important things as a real estate investor managing your Airbnb.

    To find a photographer, check out their portfolio, read reviews, and discuss your needs. While it may cost some money, the high-quality photos they produce can make a big difference in attracting guests to your Airbnb listings.

    How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Airbnb Photographer?

    how much does it cost to hire an Airbnb photographer?

    The cost of hiring a professional Airbnb photographer can vary. It depends on several factors, such as your location, the photographer’s experience, and the number of photos you want.

    Some photographers charge per hour, while others offer packages with a set number of photos.

    Reach out to local photographers and ask for quotes. Some might even offer discounts for Airbnb hosts because they understand the importance of high-quality listing photos.

    Ethical Considerations

    This section applies to Airbnb owners and photographers. It’s best to present transparent and honest information to guests.

    When taking pictures of an Airbnb, some important ethical considerations must be remembered.

    Here are three key points to remember:

    • The importance of honest and accurate representation: Showcase your Airbnb honestly and transparently. Avoid using editing techniques that significantly alter the appearance of your space. Set realistic expectations for guests and build trust by providing accurate photos.
    • Avoiding deceptive or misleading photos: Refrain from using deceptive or misleading images. It means preventing excessive filters, wide-angle lenses that distort the actual size of rooms, or strategically cropping out any less appealing areas. Be truthful in your representation and show your space as it truly is.
    • Using photos to set guest expectations: Photos play a significant role in setting guest expectations. It’s crucial to capture your property’s best features while fairly representing its overall condition.

    Highlight positive aspects but also include photos that accurately show any wear or limitations. This way, guests will clearly understand what to expect during their stay. Honesty and ethical photography practices are the right way to go and the path to success.

    Create trust with your Airbnb photographs, build a positive reputation, and ensure your guests have a great experience by setting clear and realistic guest expectations.

    ethical considerations for airbnb photography

    Updates And Seasonal Refreshes

    Keep your Airbnb listing fresh and appealing to attract guests. Here’s what you need to know about updating your photos periodically and adding seasonal refreshes:

    1. Seasonal Updates

    Consider updating your photos as the seasons change. Seasonal photos help potential guests more easily imagine what their stay will be like at the time of year they are booking.

    • Spring: Focus on the blossoming flowers, green gardens, and fresh outdoor settings in spring. Capture outdoor seating areas, garden details, and any springtime decorations.
    • Summer: Highlight the sunny side of your space during summer. Showcase outdoor spaces, pools, or BBQ areas. Make sure your space looks cool and inviting in the summer heat.
    • Fall: Embrace the warm colors of fall. Capture the cozy side of your Airbnb with photos of warm blankets, seasonal decor, and perhaps a crackling fireplace.
    • Winter: Make your space look like a cozy winter retreat. Use soft lighting, warm colors, and photos of your space during the holiday season to create a winter wonderland feel.

    2. Improvements

    If you improve your space, like with new furniture or a fresh coat of paint, remember to update your photos to reflect these changes.

    This way, your listing always looks its best.

    3. Stay Current

    Keeping your photos current shows you care about your property and guests’ experience. It helps you stand out and keeps your listing looking updated.

    Keep your property looking its best year-round by regularly updating and refreshing your Airbnb photos.

    It also helps guests see that you take pride in your space and ensure they get an accurate view of what they can expect during their stay.


    Professional Airbnb photography will catch the eye of more website searchers and steer more guests toward choosing your space over others with average pictures.

    Make your listing stand out by using good lighting and arranging your space just right. You don’t always need a professional — with a good camera or smartphone and a bit of practice, you can take stunning photos yourself. But if you can, hiring a pro can be beneficial.

    And if you are looking for a fantastic niche business to start, consider becoming an Airbnb photographer and working with owners to get the most out of their rentals. With more people listing their vacation rentals on Airbnb every day, plenty of new owners need fantastic photos and even more need to update their photos to elevate themselves from the increased competition.

    Focusing on great photos for your Airbnb is an investment in your success. They are part of a solid overall marketing strategy to help you get noticed, get booked, and get those glowing reviews.

    Now, go ahead and put your Airbnb photography skills to work, and watch your Airbnb flourish.

    make your listing stand out with airbnb photography

    Airbnb Photography FAQs

    Here are the most asked questions I get about Airbnb photography.

    How many photos are too many on Airbnb?

    Keep the photo count reasonable. Aim for 20-30 photos for your listing, including a captivating cover photo that instantly grabs potential guests’ attention.

    While providing enough photos to give guests a comprehensive view of your space is important, it’s also important not to overwhelm them. It allows guests to get a sense of your home without feeling bombarded.

    What If I Don’t Have The Budget For A Professional Photographer?

    If hiring a professional photographer for your Airbnb is outside your budget, you can try smartphone photography.

    Most modern smartphones have good cameras. Use your smartphone’s camera features, like focus and exposure adjustments.

    What equipment do I need for DIY photography or to start my own Airbnb photography business?

    You don’t need to invest much in a professional camera or expensive lighting equipment for DIY photography or starting an Airbnb photography business. Start with a good smartphone or a simple digital camera and find a stable surface (or use a tripod) to keep your camera steady.

    Good lighting is essential, so try taking photos in areas with natural light. If needed, use affordable options like desk lamps for additional lighting. Reflectors or white foam boards help reduce shadows. Props and backdrops make photos more interesting.

    After taking photos, use editing software or apps to enhance them. With these, you can capture great images without spending much.