Finding the right hard money lender can be a total pain when you need funds fast for a real estate deal. Believe me, I’ve been there!

    Hard money loans are not like your typical bank financing. They come from private investors, and they move quickly. But they also charge higher interest rates and fees. You need to know where to look when you need a hard money loan because some lenders are better than others.

    I did the research for you and found the top nationwide lenders that deliver when it comes to rates, terms, reputation, and customer service.

    Let’s get into the top hard money lenders to help you grow your real estate investing business today.

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    Hard Money Loans

    Hard money lenders tend to be a bit like a financial wild card in real estate. They’re less about the borrower’s credit score and more about what you can put up as collateral – usually the property you invest in (they are not personal loans). Speed is of the essence here; they’re like the express train of the lending world, getting you funds quickly but at a higher cost.

    So what’s the catch? The interest rates. Hard money loan rates are usually higher, reflecting the riskier nature of these loans. But, they’re a favorite among real estate investors, especially those who need to move quickly on a property but might not have the traditional financial credentials to back it up. As part of a creative financing strategy, hard money loans typically leverage assets to gain financial flexibility– at a higher price.

    Hard money loans

    The Best Hard Money Lenders for Real Estate Investors

    In no particular order are the best hard money lenders you can check out to find the best deal for you.

    Lima One Capital

    Lima One Capital is more than a lender; they’re a pillar in real estate investment. They cater to a variety of projects, from fix-and-flips to rentals and multifamily properties. Known for supporting investors of all levels, they’re a top choice for both newbies and veterans.


    • Diverse Loan Products: Lima One’s portfolio is extensive, covering fix-and-flip financing, short-term bridge loans, construction loans, DSCR, and vacation rentals.

    • Streamlined Process: They pride themselves on a quick and efficient application and approval process aimed at closing loans swiftly.

    • Experienced Team: A robust team of industry veterans backs Lima One, offering invaluable real estate and finance expertise.

    • Positive Customer Feedback: Reviews praise Lima One for their responsive service, clear communication, and overall professionalism.


    • Higher Costs vs. Traditional Mortgages: As a hard money lender, Lima One’s rates and fees are higher compared to traditional lending options.

    • Shorter Loan Terms: Typical of hard money loans, the repayment terms might be shorter, necessitating a quicker exit strategy for investments.


    • Estimated Starting Interest Rates: Likely ranging from 7.99% to 12%, based on industry standards.

    • Loan Amount: Potential range of $50,000 to $10 million.

    • Loan Term: Typically varies from 1 to 24 months.

    • Loan Repayment Method: Often interest-only with a balloon payment at the end.

    • Loan Fees & Closing Costs: Points could range from 2% to 4% of the loan amount, plus additional closing costs.

    • Qualifications: Minimum credit score might be around 620.

    Why We Chose This Lender

    Lima One Capital is in our spotlight for its broad loan options and streamlined lending. They tailor services to different investor types, which is pretty impressive. But, heads up: their website’s a bit light on details. You’ll need to contact them for the full scoop.

    New Silver Lending

    New Silver Lending offers tech-forward financing for fix-and-flip real estate. They provide a range of options through a user-friendly online platform, emphasizing transparency and efficiency. Unique for their DeFi Securitized Mortgage Fund, they specialize in short-duration loans across 41 states. With over $26 million in loans and diverse financing options, they’re a top choice for real estate investors.


    • Competitive Interest Rates: New Silver offers appealing rates starting at 10.5% for fix-and-flip loans, which is especially beneficial for experienced investors with a track record of successful projects.

    • Streamlined Technology Platform: Their online application process is intuitive and offers immediate access to loan terms, streamlining the approval process significantly compared to traditional lenders.

    • Transparent Upfront Fees: Borrowers are well-informed about all costs upfront, including origination fees and points, allowing for a clear understanding of the total loan cost.

    • DeFi Securitized Mortgage Fund (For Accredited Investors): New Silver Lending offers a unique investment opportunity through its DeFi Securitized Mortgage Fund. This fund caters to accredited investors seeking alternative investment options with the potential for high returns (target of 17-22% net of fees) and quarterly cash distributions. Additionally, the fund eliminates the need for upfront fees or direct token ownership, potentially appealing to a specific group of investors.


    • Higher Fees Potential: Although specific details aren’t provided, there’s an indication that their loans might carry higher fees compared to some competitors, which could increase the overall cost.

    • Limited 100% Financing: For those looking at 100% financing, the cap is at $250,000, a potential limitation for projects in high-value real estate markets.

    • Relative Newcomer: Being a newer entity in the market might be a consideration for those who prefer lenders with a longer history and established reputation.


    • Estimated Starting Interest Rates: 10-12.75%%.

    • Loan Amount: Ranges between $100,000 and $5,000,000.

    • Loan Term: Up to 24 months.

    • Loan Repayment Method: Specifics are not detailed on their website.

    • Loan Fees & Closing Costs: Typically between 3% and 6% of the home’s price.

    • Qualifications: A FICO score of at least 650 is required.

    Why We Chose This Lender

    New Silver Lending could be an excellent choice for experienced real estate investors prioritizing quick, efficient loan processing and competitive rates, particularly for repeat clients. The clarity in upfront fees adds to their appeal.

    However, you must consider potentially higher overall fees and limitations in 100% financing options, especially in costlier real estate markets.

    But New Silver Lending’s innovative approach and competitive offerings make them a lender worth considering, especially if you’re a tech-savvy investor who’d like to try a modern lending experience.


    Kiavi is revolutionizing hard money lending with streamlined fix-and-flip loans. They offer transparent rates and a simple application process – no fees, appraisals, or income verification. Funding is fast, sometimes within ten days.

    They cater to various needs, including purchases, refinancing, and ongoing projects. Experienced investors get extra benefits like dedicated managers and reduced fees. Plus, pre-qualifying on their website is quick, risk-free, and doesn’t affect credit scores.


    • Competitive Rates: Interest rates start at a promising 9.25%, making them a cost-effective choice.

    • High LTV: Offering a Loan-to-Value ratio of up to 95%, they provide significant funding relative to the property value.

    • Rapid Funding: With the capability to close deals in as little as ten business days, they are ideal for time-sensitive investments.

    • Accessibility: Open to first-time investors and requiring a minimum credit score of just 660.

    • No Experience Needed: Ideal for newcomers, as no prior flipping experience is required.


    • Higher Costs: Compared to traditional mortgages, their fees, ranging from 1.5% to 2%, are on the higher side.

    • Balloon Payments: Loans are structured with interest-only payments and a balloon payment at the end, which could be a financial strain.

    • Limited Reach: Their services are not available everywhere, with limited geographic coverage.


    • Estimated Starting Interest Rates: Starting at 9.25%.

    • Loan Amount: Ranges from $100,000 to $2.5 million.

    • Loan Term: Options include 12, 18, or 24 months.

    • Loan Repayment Method: Interest-only payments followed by a balloon payment.

    • Loan Fees & Closing Costs: Between 1.5% and 2% of the loan amount.

    • Qualifications: A minimum credit score of 660 is required, with no necessity for prior flipping experience.

    Why We Chose This Lender

    Kiavi gets our nod due to its blend of competitive rates, high LTV, and swift funding process. They’re particularly appealing for those just entering the real estate investment field, thanks to their accessible terms and no requirement for prior experience.

    Flip Funding

    Flip Funding is a standout in real estate financing. They offer diverse options for various projects like fix-and-flips, bridges, new construction, and commercial properties. What makes them unique? Their focus on competitive rates and fast closing times is essential in the rapidly expanding real estate market.


    • Competitive Interest Rates: Flip Funding’s rates are designed to appeal to cost-conscious investors, making their loans an attractive option for various projects.

    • Quick Loan Processing: They prioritize speed, typically closing most loans within two weeks, a key advantage for investors eager to jumpstart their projects.

    • Inclusive Credit Requirements: With a minimum credit score requirement of 600 for some loans, Flip Funding opens doors to a broader range of investors.

    • Flexible Down Payments: Their down payment requirements, ranging from 10% to 20%, offer flexibility and accommodate different financial capabilities.

    • Wide Range of Loan Products: Their diverse offerings include fix-and-flip, bridge, construction, multi-family/mixed-use, rental, and commercial loans, catering to various investment strategies.


    • Limited Customer Reviews: There’s a scarcity of detailed customer feedback online, making it a challenge to assess borrower experiences fully.

    • Restricted Geographic Availability: Their services aren’t available in all states, notably excluding Arizona, Nevada, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

    • Downpayments: No matter what deal you wish to pursue, Flip Funding needs a substantial downpayment (10-20%).


    • Estimated Starting Interest Rates: Vary by loan type, with rates starting as low as 6.5% for rentals and 9.50% for fix-and-flip.

    • Loan Amount: Minimum and maximum amounts vary by loan type, ranging up to $500 million for certain loans, such as commercial and multi-family. Most minimum amounts are $150,000.

    • Loan Term: Generally ranges from 12 to 36 months, depending on the loan type.

    • Loan Fees & Closing Costs: Not clearly specified, but likely higher than traditional loans, typically between 3% and 6% of the home’s price.

    • Qualifications: Minimum credit score of 600 for some loans, with down payments between 10% and 20%.

    Why We Chose This Lender

    Flip Funding is notable for its competitive rates, quick closings, and wide loan range for diverse real estate strategies. However, its limited state availability and scant customer reviews are worth noting. The lack of clear repayment information suggests a need for thorough research. Compare them with others to ensure they fit your investment and financial needs. Flip Funding might still be the right choice, depending on your goals.

    AMZA Capital

    AMZA Capital offers diverse real estate financing, covering commercial, construction, fix-and-flip, single-family, and buy-to-rent loans. Operating in 46 states, they stand out with competitive interest rates and a user-friendly platform for all investor levels. Their expertise in the fix-and-flip sector ensures tailored funding solutions for property acquisition and refurbishment.

    AMZA capital
    Source: Amza Capital


    • Diverse Loan Options: AMZA offers a variety of financing tools, including term loans and lines of credit, catering to different fix-and-flip strategies.

    • Competitive Interest Rates: With rates starting at 9%, they provide cost-effective solutions for investors.

    • High Loan Limits: Offering loans up to $50 million, they accommodate large-scale investment projects.

    • Welcoming to New Investors: Beginner-friendly policies make them an attractive choice for those new to the real estate investment scene.

    • Efficient Processing: AMZA boasts fast closing times, typically between 2 and 4 weeks, which is essential for time-sensitive deals.


    1. Higher Interest Rates vs. Traditional Loans: Although competitive, their rates are higher than conventional mortgages.

    2. Interest-Only Payments with Balloon Payments: This repayment structure could be challenging for some investors.

    3. Potential for High Fees: Loan fees and closing costs could range from 2% to 5%, plus an additional $999, making it more expensive.

    4. Lower LTC Ratio: With an 80% loan-to-cost ratio, they offer less leverage than some competitors.


    • Starting Interest Rates: Ranging from 10% to 13%.

    • Loan Amount: The minimum purchase price required is $75,000 or higher.

    • Loan Term: Typically 12 months, extendable by six months.

    • Repayment Method: Likely monthly payments, varying per deal.

    • Loan Fees & Closing Costs: 2% to 5% lender fees, plus closing costs of $999.

    • Qualifications: A minimum personal credit score of 650, they target investors with experience, ideally at least five flips, meaning new investors may need a mentor or licensed contractor, and they offer diverse real estate loans, including fix and flip, buy to rent, and others.

    Why We Chose This Lender

    AMZA Capital earns a spot in our review for its diverse loans, competitive rates, and support for all investor levels. Their nationwide reach and fast closings are appealing.

    RCN Capital

    RCN Capital shines as a hard money lender with diverse real estate investment loans. They’re a hit with a range of investors, from novices to experts. Their strengths lie in funding fix-and-flips, rental properties, bridge loans, and new constructions. What sets RCN apart? Their commitment to offering competitive rates based on experience and a variety of loan programs to suit different investment strategies.

    RCN Capital
    Source: RNC Capital


    • Diverse Loan Options: RCN offers various loan types, accommodating various investment needs.

    • Decent Interest Rates: Starting at 10.24%, their rates are tailored to the investor’s experience level.

    • Flexible Loan Programs: With options for different property types and investor experience levels, they provide a versatile approach to financing.

    • Personalized Solutions: RCN focuses on crafting funding solutions aligning with each investor’s goals.

    • High Loan Limits: They offer loans up to $10 million, particularly for multifamily or mixed-use properties.

    • Quick Closing: Fast closing times, typically within ten days, are a major plus for time-sensitive deals.

    • Inclusive for New Investors: No minimum flipping experience is required, making it accessible for newcomers.


    • Higher Interest Rates vs. Traditional Loans: While competitive within the hard money sector, their rates are higher than standard mortgages.

    • Interest-Only Payments with Balloon Payments: This could pose challenges regarding cash flow and end-of-term repayment.

    • Potentially High Fees: Loan fees and closing costs can range from 3% to 6% of the loan amount.

    • Lower LTV for New Investors: Newcomers might face a lower loan-to-value ratio, capped at 65% after-repair value.


    • Interest Rates: Vary based on experience, starting from 10.24%.

    • Loan Amount: Ranges up to $7.5 million for certain properties and up to $10 million for multifamily or mixed-use.

    • Loan Term: Typically 12 to 18 months for fix & flip and multifamily projects.

    • Repayment Method: Interest-only payments with a balloon payment at term-end.

    • LTV & LTC Ratios: Up to 90% LTV and 100% renovation costs coverage for fix and flip.

    • Loan Fees & Closing Costs: Range between 3% and 6%.

    • Time to Funding: Approximately ten days.

    • Qualifications: A minimum credit score of 620, no flipping experience required for certain loans.

    Why We Chose This Lender

    RCN Capital stands out in our review for its wide loan range and experience-based competitive rates. They’re ideal for various real estate investments, with swift closing times adding to their appeal. But, higher interest rates, balloon payments, and possible hefty fees are factors to ponder. Thorough research and lender comparisons are vital to see if RCN aligns with your financial goals and investment strategy. They could be a great partner for your real estate needs, depending on your specific requirements.


    Based in Texas, HouseMax Funding excels in financing diverse real estate investment projects. They serve investors nationwide, from beginners to pros. Their expertise includes fix-and-flips, new construction, bridge financing, rentals, and multi-family properties. This versatility makes them a notable player in the hard money lending market.

    Source: HouseMaxFunding


    • Varied Loan Products: HouseMax offers an extensive selection, including renovation, new construction, bridge, rental, and multi-family loans.

    • Fast Funding Times: Emphasizing speedy loan processing, they aim to fund loans as quickly as 7 days, which is crucial for investors chasing timely opportunities.

    • Beginner-Friendly: They are open to assisting first-time investors, distinguishing them from lenders typically focusing on experienced clients.

    • Competitive Interest Rates: Starting rates at 7% position HouseMax as a potentially affordable option within the hard money sector.


    • Limited Transparency: Their website does not clearly state detailed information like loan amounts, terms, and specific fees. You need to contact them directly for clarity.

    • Potential for Higher Costs: As is common with hard money loans, their rates and fees might be higher than traditional lending options.

    • Shorter Loan Terms: Their hard money loans might have shorter repayment periods, leading to increased monthly payments and a need for quick investment exits.


    • Starting Interest Rates: Estimated between 7% to 14%.

    • Loan Amount: Generally up to $9 million, though confirmation from HouseMax is advised.

    • Loan Term: Ranges from 6 to 24 months, subject to verification.

    • Repayment Method: Specifics are not provided on their website; contact HouseMax for details.

    • Loan Fees & Closing Costs: Approximately 1% to 4% of the loan amount, but a precise quote should be obtained from HouseMax.

    • Qualifications: A recommended minimum credit score of 680; no flipping experience required.

    House Max Funding
    Source: HouseMaxFunding

    Why We Chose This Lender

    HouseMax Funding makes our review list because of its extensive loan options, appealing to a broad spectrum of investors. They stand out with quick funding times and competitive rates, which are key for efficient and cost-effective investments. However, the lack of detailed loan information on their website means direct engagement with HouseMax is needed for precise details. Their inclusive approach and varied loan offerings make them a notable choice in the hard money lending market.

    Wrap Up

    Wrapping up our deep dive into hard money lenders, it’s clear that each has its unique flavor. From Kiavi’s easy process, ideal for beginners, to HouseMax Funding’s range of loan options and speedy service, there’s something for every investor, whether a newbie or a pro.

    Remember, while hard money loans are nimble and quick, they often come with a higher price tag in interest rates, potential fees, and brisk repayment schedules. Dive deep into research, compare your options, and find that lender that jives with your investment tune and financial situation.

    So, if you’re flipping, renting, or building from scratch, these lenders offer the tools and know-how to help you grow your real estate business.

    This article is for informational purposes only and not intended as financial or legal advice. While we strive for accuracy, information may change, and we encourage you to do your own research and consult a professional before making financial decisions.