Diving into the digital world, it seems like videos are the big shots, right? But hold up. Blogs are still in the game, standing strong and silently making an impact.

    Surprising, isn’t it? 😲

    Despite the buzz around videos, blogs have this unique charm that keeps readers hooked. Social Media Today dropped a bombshell, stating that a whopping 77% of internet users still enjoy a good read on blogs, which is clear proof that the art of blogging hasn’t lost its touch. Blogs are alive, kicking, and serving up knowledge and insight like no one’s business.

    So, how might a business use a blog?

    Here’s the thing: using a blog for your business isn’t just about keeping your site busy. It’s about grabbing the chance to really connect with your audience, growing your business to new heights, and much more. Whether it’s climbing the search engine optimization (SEO) ladder, driving traffic, building relationships, or showcasing your expertise, a blog is your secret weapon.

    In this guide, I’ll dive into why your business needs a blog and all the ways a business can use a blog.

    And there are quite a few ways to choose from.

    My advice? Use your business blog for a bunch of these elements simultaneously. Blogs are wonderfully multifunctional and provide many benefits to businesses everywhere.

    Ready to learn how your business might use a blog?

    Let’s get to it.

    Why Your Business Absolutely Needs a Blog

    Before we get into the “how,” let’s look at “why” your business needs a blog.

    I’ll get straight to the point: your business needs a blog yesterday.

    As a real estate blog owner, I could talk until I am blue in the face about why your business should have a blog, but I’ll let numbers do the talking instead.

    • A whopping 80% of internet users are scrolling through blogs and social media—it’s not just a trend; it’s the norm.

    • Wondering about ROI? Blogs are lead-generating powerhouses, with companies churning out 67% more leads monthly than their blog-less counterparts.

    • Around 70% of consumers prefer learning about a company through articles over ads.

    • Blogs have this unique way of bridging the gap between business and customer, fostering a sense of trust and engagement that ads just can’t match, so when readers feel connected, they’re 55% more likely to buy.

    • Blogs boost your inbound links by 97%, making your site more visible and credible to the world (and Google).

    • 81% of businesses recognize their blog as a critical piece of their digital empire.

    • Small business owner? Blogging could be your secret weapon, with a 126% leap in lead growth for those who commit.

    • And for the ultimate mic drop: 61% of U.S. consumers have whipped out their wallets based on blog recommendations.

    Blogging is more than just a marketing strategy afterthought. It’s a front-runner, coming in just behind videos and eBooks in the content marketing strategy race, but with a much better chance (13x) of achieving a positive ROI. And those blogs packed with visuals? They’re seeing results that are 2.3 times stronger than those of their peers who just focus on words.

    So, why blog? Because in today’s digital landscape, a blog isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s your brand’s voice, lead magnet, and credibility all rolled into one. Time to start typing.

    How Might a Business Use a Blog

    Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that you need a blog section for your business website if you don’t already have one. And if you have one, hopefully, you now want to improve it. Either way, here are a bunch of ideas on how your business can use a blog.

    blog visual

    1. Marketing and Branding

    Blogs are an absolutely excellent way to increase the marketing and branding of your business at a much lower cost than traditional advertising. One of the best things about a blog is that once it’s written, it can forever provide your website and brand “free” organic traffic. That’s just one way your business could use a blog.

    Here are a few more ways your business might use a blog for marketing and branding purposes.

    Boosting Brand Awareness

    Blogging is not just about chucking content online. It’s crafting valuable content that hits right at the heart of what your audience digs. Using social media as your loudspeaker cranks up your brand’s volume big time. And given that (as mentioned), 77% of folks online are gobbling up blog content, the spotlight’s ready for you. This one-two punch of killer content and social media savvy doesn’t just get you noticed; it pulls in crowds through organic searches like bees to honey.

    Building Trust and Credibility

    In an ocean of iffy info, dropping the real deal—clear, accurate, relevant insights—makes your brand stand tall. Flaunting success stories and high-fives from happy clients isn’t bragging; it’s proof you’re the real MVP. And blogging isn’t just about puffing up your brand chest. It’s about knitting trust with your target audience, making them more likely to hit that buy button because, let’s face it, trust is everything in the buying game.

    Humanizing Your Brand

    People are after real connections, not just cash exchanges. Your website needs to be more than just a checkout page or catalog. Spinning tales on your blog, sneaking peeks behind the scenes, and celebrating your team injects soul into your brand. This makes your business not just seen but felt, peeling away that corporate mask.

    Promoting Products and Services

    Straight-up ads? Yawn. Weaving the perks of what you’re selling into engaging blog stories? Now you’re talking. Slipping in those calls to action without coming off pushy guides folks gently from “just browsing” to “let’s do this!” This type of blog-marketing not just about peddling goods; it’s about solving your audience’s headaches with what you offer, turning browsers into buyers.

    Wrapping these tactics into your business blogging does more than just keep you in the digital marketing race. It sets your brand apart, turning your blog from a mere content depot into a powerhouse for growth, engagement, and loyalty.

    content marketing graphic

    2. Content Marketing and SEO

    Blogs are amazing for content marketing and SEO. Maybe the best. Let’s break down how to turbocharge your online footprint with some smart content marketing and SEO strategies.

    Boosting Website Traffic

    Think of high-quality, SEO-friendly content as your website and brand’s digital magnet. It’s not just about pulling in the crowd; it’s about showing search engines your site is the place to be for top-notch info. Keeping your blog fresh and updated is like a bat signal to search engines and your audience, saying, “Hey, we’ve got the goods.” And the payoff? DemandJump reports that companies with blogs bring 55% more website traffic (read: potential customers) to their websites when found organically through Google, and websites with blogs have 434% more indexed pages. That’s not just a bump in visibility; it’s a leap, paving the way for more clicks, conversions, and sales.

    Climbing the SEO Ladder

    Each blog post is a golden ticket to show search engines you’re the authority in your niche. Sprinkle in those targeted keywords into relevant content and snag inbound links from the big players when you create content, and you’re on your way up the SERP (search engine results page) ladder. Your business blogs being front and center when people search means you’re in the prime spot to grab attention—and leads.

    Lead Generation Powerhouse

    Speaking of leads… Flip your blog into a lead-gen hero by trading top-tier content for contact details. Hit on those pain points and needs in your posts, and watch as your audience leans in, ready to hit that CTA to sign up for more. The best part? These leads are not just any leads; they’re informed, engaged, and more likely to take the leap from interested onlookers to customers.

    By knitting these strategies into your content marketing and SEO fabric, your blog evolves from a simple content hub into a dynamic, growth-driving powerhouse. It’s about more than just articles; it’s a tool that elevates your digital presence, locks in your target audience, and propels your business forward.

    visual social media and blogs

    If SEO sounds a bit overwhelming, don’t worry- you don’t have to navigate it alone. If you’re looking to maximize your blog’s impact on your SEO efforts, get in touch. As real estate industry insiders, our SEO services are tailored to help your business climb the search rankings and get noticed. 💥

    3. Customer Engagement and Community Building

    Diving into the world of customer engagement and community building, here’s the essence of creating connections that count, all spruced up in a conversational tone.

    Kicking Off Conversations

    You want people to be talking about your website and your brand. You want it to be like throwing a party and ensuring everyone’s chatting and having a good time. When you ask interesting questions or share cool stuff on your blog, you invite your audience to join the conversation. This kind of chit-chat turns your blog from a lecture hall into a buzzing coffee shop where everyone’s exchanging ideas.

    Building a Community

    A thriving blog community is kind of like setting up a clubhouse where everyone’s welcome. When you create spaces for your customers and readers to talk to you and each other, whether that’s in the comments or on social media, you’re building a home team vibe. This club membership feeling keeps folks returning because they’re part of something bigger, like a fan club for your brand.

    team graphic

    Gathering Feedback

    The more information you get about your potential customers, the better you can serve them. And nothing gets people talking like a good blog. Imagine your blog’s a suggestion box but way cooler. When you ask for feedback through comments or surveys, you’re basically saying, “Hey, what can we do better?” This straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth insight lets you tweak your offerings to hit the mark even closer next time.

    Providing Customer Support

    Think of a blog as being a help desk right on your website. When you share guides, FAQs, or how-tos, you’re helping folks help themselves. This DIY help cuts down on those “Help, please!” emails and calls, making your customers happier because they found what they needed without breaking a sweat. Save yourself and your staff time and money and direct all help inquiries to your business blog!

    With these elements incorporated into your blog, you’re not just filling up a webpage. You’re creating a lively, buzzing community where people feel valued, supported, and part of something special. It’s about making every visit to your blog feel like a visit to a friend’s place, where conversations flow, help is always at hand, and everyone’s part of the gang.

    content calendar visual

    4. Repurposing and Content Expansion

    Another amazing way your business can use a blog is to use them to create WAY more content for your business. The more content your business can put out, the more people will find it, which means more people are clicking on your CTAs.

    Here’s what I mean.

    Repurpose Content for Other Marketing Channels

    Repurposing valuable content from your blogs across different channels like social media, email newsletters, or even presentations is a clever move. It’s like giving your words a second life, allowing them to shine in new formats and spaces. This doesn’t just stretch the value of your initial high-quality content but also ensures your message hits home with a broader audience.

    Imagine turning a blog post into a tweetstorm or a detailed newsletter piece; each iteration reaches out to different folks, ensuring every bit of your insight gets the spotlight it deserves.

    Boost Social Media Presence

    Social media marketing is a big deal for most businesses today. Boosting your presence on social media by sharing your blog content is just smart. Social platforms are where the party’s at, with a diverse crowd always looking for something valuable or entertaining.

    By dropping your blog posts into the mix, you’re driving traffic back to your site and beefing up your social media game. Each share, like, or comment is a ripple that extends your content’s reach further, creating a feedback loop that enhances your blog’s readership and social media engagement. Win-win!

    If you play this repurposing game right, you’re not merely spreading your brand’s message; you’re amplifying it across the digital universe. You can stretch your content’s legs, ensuring it travels far and wide, strengthening your brand’s voice and presence all the while (and bringing in even more customers!).

    social media icons

    5. Company Culture and Industry Leadership

    We talked a bit about blogs being a vehicle for showcasing your brand, but we can go even deeper. Diving into your brand’s core involves more than just the services or products you offer; it’s about bringing to light the people and principles that define your business.

    Showcase Company Culture and Values

    When you share stories of your employees, celebrate team events, or highlight your dedication to social responsibility, you’re offering a glimpse into the heart and soul of your company. It’s this blend of transparency and authenticity that can really amplify your brand’s allure.

    Putting your company culture and values front and center reinforces your brand’s identity and weaves a fabric of trust and loyalty with your audience. Nowadays, customers and employees alike gravitate towards brands that not only talk the talk but also walk the walk when it comes to their values and culture.

    Attract and Retain Talent

    Let’s talk about talent for a second because it’s critical for long-lerm success. Showcasing the vibrant life within your company walls is a magnet for attracting and keeping the cream of the crop. Your blog becomes a beacon for future employees, highlighting the vibrant culture, the camaraderie among teams, and the values that make your company stand out as a place where people are eager to join and reluctant to leave.

    Stay Ahead of Industry Trends

    Staying ahead of industry trends and sharing your insights positions you as a thought leader and a trendsetter for both current and potential clients and employees. You can create blogs about showing that your company isn’t just keeping up but setting the pace, leading the charge in innovation and thoughtfulness in your field.

    Utilizing your blog to broadcast your company culture, values, and forward-thinking insights does more than just market your brand. It’s a holistic approach that cultivates a brand identity resonant with authenticity, innovation, and community.

    team icon

    6. Enhancing Digital Footprint and Audience Interaction

    Another way your business could use a blog is to grow your online presence, reach way more people, and make your target audience feel like they are part of the team.

    Here are some more ideas on how your business might use your blog to enhance your digital footprint and get your target audience clicking, liking, and replying to your content.

    Enhance Customer Relations

    Blogs ask (and usually answer) questions your customers have. People can then leave comments with more questions and tell others how they solved the same problem, giving you more ideas for blogs, which gives you a bigger digital footprint and even more audience interaction, etc. etc.

    Turning your blog into a customer service superhero—by answering their questions one post at a time—does wonders for building trust. It’s like having a friendly, open dialogue where every question and concern is met with a thoughtful response. Brands that master this art of engagement often see a significant boost in customer loyalty and spending.

    website seo

    Increase Overall Website SEO

    This one is simple: creating blog content will increase your online visibility and get you noticed on search engine rankings. Keeping your blog fresh and regularly updated is like SEO magic, making it easier for new customers to discover you amidst the vast ocean of online content. Being visible in those top Google search results can dramatically increase your chances of being clicked on, making staying updated and relevant more important than ever.

    Attract New Clients

    The point of business is grow, right? Showcasing your expertise through blog posts that resonate with your target audience is a powerful way to attract new clients. People are looking for a way to solve their problems. By sharing case studies, success stories, and expert advice, you’re demonstrating your ability to do that. Businesses committed to consistent blogging often witness a surge in lead growth, proving the value of a well-maintained blog as a key tool in your marketing arsenal. And did we mention that with evergreen blog content, you can keep finding new clients for free forever?

    Educate and Engage Readers

    I’m not saying just throw any old post up, call it a blog, and expect people to show up. In this day and age, you need high-quality content. In fact, Google has a specific formula (E.E.A.T) just to make sure it ranks only the best content. Sharing valuable insights and industry tips will get ranked easier, plus good content keeps readers engaged and coming back for more. This engagement is crucial, turning casual readers into loyal customers and making each informative post a step toward building a dedicated following.

    By weaving these strategic threads into your business’s blogging fabric, you’re doing way more than just upping your marketing game or giving your SEO a boost. You’re essentially crafting a richer, more engaging narrative for your brand. It’s about turning your blog into a living, breathing entity that not only speaks your brand’s language but also walks its talk, showcasing the very heart and ethos of your company.

    blog visual

    Blogging for Real Estate Companies

    Let’s talk specifically about blogging for real estate companies. No matter which slice of the industry you are in, it’s worth the effort to create a blog. Here’s why:

    • Real Estate Agents: Think of your blog as your personal spotlight in the real estate world. It’s where you get to share the scoop on local market trends and the coolest properties around, helping folks make smart moves when buying or selling. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to show you’re the go-to agent who knows their stuff.
    • Airbnb Owners: Your blog is like your property’s digital welcome mat. It’s part of your marketing plan and direct website presence. Share stories about what makes your place special, dish out insider tips on the local scene, and show off rave reviews from past guests. It’s about making potential visitors think, “Yep, that’s where I want to stay!”
    • Real Estate Software Companies: Here’s your chance to share the latest real estate tech and how it can make life easier for your customers. Share success stories and tips to get the most out of your software. It’s a great way to show you’re in the know and how your product solves problems.
    • Property Management Companies: Use your blog to share wisdom on keeping properties in tip-top shape and navigating the world of tenant relationships. It’s a solid way to stamp your mark as the go-to expert in property management, building trust and authority in your market.
    • Real Estate Syndicators: Your blog is the perfect spot to simplify the world of real estate investment for your readers. Share your strategies, showcase your wins, and explain how syndication works in plain English. It’s a way to draw in investors and demonstrate why they should jump on board with your next project.


    And there we have it. As we’ve seen, the benefits of blogging for a business are plentiful.

    Blogs continue to command their corner of the internet with unwavering persistence despite the flashy allure of video content and the fleeting thrill of social media. Blogs stand their ground, offering a sanctuary of depth, engagement, and storytelling that no other medium can quite match.

    And blogs are and will continue to be crucial for the online success of businesses everywhere. Blogs offer a depth of connection, a chance for storytelling that resonates on a more profound level, and an engagement that cuts deeper than the over-too-soon, TikTok-ified interactions elsewhere.

    Blogs are also more than just digital diaries or information dumps. They’re vibrant platforms for amplifying brand voice, mastering SEO, fostering customer relationships, and so much more. From propelling traffic and generating leads to deepening bonds with readers and painting a vivid picture of your brand’s soul, blogs do it all.

    So, if you’re on the hunt to boost your brand’s digital presence, engage in meaningful dialogue with your audience, or stay a step ahead of industry shifts, the humble blog is your go-to tool. It’s high time to view your blog not merely as a component of your marketing arsenal but as a potent force driving it forward.

    Ready to supercharge your blog and elevate your SEO strategy? If diving into the world of SEO feels overwhelming, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn how our SEO services can transform your online presence and help your real estate business thrive. 🏦🏩🏡