Are you looking for Airbnb description examples?

    Look no further! In this article, I’ll provide examples and tips on crafting the perfect detailed description for your Airbnb listing.

    Descriptions matter in hotels, too!  My hotels are national brands, so I don’t have as much flexibility, but details on amenities, nearby attractions, and unique features can help my hotels stand out.

    If you’re a seasoned Airbnb host or just starting — either way, I’ll help you grab the attention of potential guests and convert them into bookings.

    So, let’s dive in and discover the Airbnb detailed description examples and the secret to writing an irresistible description for your Airbnb listing!


    • Crafting a compelling Airbnb description is how you can create a positive impression.
    • A well-written description sets expectations, builds trust, and helps your property stand out.
    • High-quality photos, updates, and an enticing narrative are essential for attracting guests.

    What is an Airbnb Description?

    An Airbnb description is a written explanation of your property that you create to give potential guests an idea of what to expect during their stay.

    Importance of Airbnb Listing Description for Target Audience

    Having a strong listing description is required for success. Here’s why it is so important:

    • First Impression: Listing description is usually the first thing potential guests see. It’s like the front cover of a book that grabs their attention. A well-crafted description can make people excited to learn more about your place.
    • Informative: Guests want to know what they are getting before they book. Your description gives them all the details they need about your property, like how many bedrooms and bathrooms, what amenities are available, and where it’s located.
    • Setting Expectations: Set clear expectations for your guests by providing accurate information in your description. It helps avoid any misunderstandings or disappointments later on.
    • Standing Out: With so many Airbnb listings, you want yours to stand out from the rest. A unique and compelling description can make your property more attractive and increase the chances of bookings.
    • Building Trust: Guests rely on your description to make a decision. When your description accurately represents your property and matches their experience during their stay, it builds trust and leads to positive reviews and recommendations.
    • Connecting with Guests: Your description is an opportunity to connect with potential guests personally. Make them feel welcome and excited about staying at your place by using warm and inviting language.

    Keep your description simple, honest, and engaging to attract the right guests who will appreciate your property. Create an inviting description that accurately represents your space and appeals to potential guests.

    What to Include on Airbnb Listing Descriptions?

    Create a complete basic structure of an Airbnb description to make your property appealing to potential guests. Here’s the breakdown of what to include:

    1. Title: Start with an attention-grabbing title that highlights the best features of your property. Use descriptive words and keep it short and catchy.
    2. Introduction: Begin with a warm and welcoming introduction. Greet your potential guests and excite them about staying at your place. Share a positive tone and create a connection from the start.
    3. Property Description: Provide details about your property. Talk about how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, the size, and any unique features. Be clear and concise, avoiding jargon or complicated sentences.
    4. Location Information: Describe the location of your property and its surroundings. Mention nearby attractions, landmarks, or amenities that would interest guests. Let them know what’s within walking distance or a short commute.
    5. Amenities: Highlight the amenities and facilities available to guests. Talk about what sets your property apart. Whether it’s a fully equipped kitchen, a swimming pool, or free Wi-Fi, let guests know what they can expect during their stay.
    6. Experience and Unique Selling Points: Describe the experience guests can have while staying at your Airbnb property. Share any unique selling points or extraordinary experiences they can enjoy. It could include beautiful views, proximity to nature, or access to local activities.
    7. House Rules: Clearly outline your house rules. Let guests know what is and isn’t allowed, such as smoking, pets, or parties. Be clear about any specific requirements or guidelines to avoid misunderstandings.
    8. Pricing and Availability: Communicate the pricing structure, including additional fees or discounts. Highlight any seasonal rates or minimum stay requirements. Make sure to update your availability calendar regularly.
    9. Reviews and Testimonials: If you have received positive reviews from previous guests, include a section showcasing some of their feedback. It helps build trust and reassures potential guests about the quality of your property.
    10. Call to Action: End your description with a call to action, encouraging guests to book or inquire for more information. Provide precise contact details or a link to your booking page.

    Keep your Airbnb listing description organized and easy to read to make it more appealing to potential guests. Provide all the necessary information and entice guests to choose your property for their stay.

    Tips for Writing the Best Airbnb Descriptions

    Write an Airbnb listing description that’s like a warm welcome for your guests by following these guides:

    How to Write Airbnb Description?

    1. Be Clear and Concise:

    Write clearly and straightforwardly. Use simple words to make sure guests easily understand what you’re saying.

    2. Use Descriptive Language:

    Paint a picture with your words. Use adjectives to describe your property and its features. For example, instead of saying “nice,” say “cozy” or “charming.”

    3. Tell a Story:

    Share the unique story of your property. How did you make it special? Is there a particular reason it’s a great place to stay?

    4. Focus on the Benefits:

    Explain how staying at your place benefits the guest. What will they enjoy? Use phrases like, “You’ll love waking up to…” or “You can relax in our beautiful garden.”

    5. Highlight the Neighborhood:

    Talk about what’s around your property. Mention nearby attractions, whether it’s a beautiful park, great restaurants, or a lively nightlife.

    6. Honesty is Key:

    Be honest about your property. Say so if it’s a cozy apartment and not a massive mansion. Guests appreciate honesty.

    7. Think About Your Ideal Guest:

    Consider who your property would be perfect for. Is it a romantic spot for couples, a family-friendly place, or ideal for solo travelers? Craft your description for your ideal guest.

    8. Include Personal Touches:

    Share a bit about yourself as a host. Mention any special services you provide, like a welcome basket, recommendations for local activities, or a friendly greeting when guests arrive.

    9. Use Bullet Points:

    Use bullet points to list amenities and features to make information easy to read. It’s like giving guests a quick summary.

    10. Edit and Proofread:

    Read the description before publishing it. Look for spelling and grammar mistakes. You want your description to look professional.

    Write your Airbnb description like you are crafting a warm invitation. Use these steps to make potential guests feel welcome, excited, and confident in choosing your property.

    Common mistakes when writing an Airbnb description

    1. Being Vague or Generic:

    One of the biggest mistakes is being vague or using generic language in your description. Be specific and use descriptive words that clearly describe your property.

    2. Using Poor Quality Photos:

    High-quality photos are necessary for attracting guests to your property listing. Avoid using blurry or poorly lit photos. Invest in professional photography or learn basic techniques to capture your space in the best light.

    3. Overpromising and Underdelivering:

    It’s tempting to make grand claims in your Airbnb description to attract more guests. However, it’s important to be honest and realistic about what your property offers. Overpromising and underdelivering can lead to disappointed guests and negative reviews.

    4. Not Updating Your Description:

    Your property may change or improve over time. Don’t forget to update your Airbnb description accordingly to reflect any updates or renovations.

    Airbnb Listing Description Examples

    1. Room in Springdale, Utah, USA

    Welcome to our amazing Airbnb in the canyon! We pride ourselves on giving you a super cool and cozy experience that goes above and beyond the norm.

    Your room has a comfy king-sized bed, a Smart TV, a sitting bench, a private bathroom with a large walk-in rain shower, a mini fridge, and free Wi-Fi. Plus, we’re located in Springdale, near the free shuttles that can take you to Zion. And don’t worry, we’ve got free parking right in front!

    We live in the basement of our big 8,000 sq ft. home, and we’re always here to help and make sure you have a fantastic time. Our place is always clean, quiet, and peaceful, but we’re never too far away if you need anything.

    Inside our place, you’ll find a super chill living room, a dining room with a big wood table, an upstairs loft with a couch, table, chairs, two awesome Cozzia Massage Chairs, and even some pinball machines! We also have a utility room with ice and purified water, free sodas, a sink, and a microwave.

    Outside, you can relax on the lawns, explore the gardens, and enjoy the seating areas while taking in the incredible mountain views, spotting wildlife, and catching the beautiful sunrise and sunset.

    So why wait? Come and experience our fantastic Airbnb – you won’t be disappointed!

    2. Home in Osage Beach, Missouri, USA

    Welcome to the incredible Glass Mansion! This place is a dream, with jaw-dropping lake views from almost every room. Located in Lake of the Ozarks, it’s tucked away in the prestigious Ledges Waterfront Homes neighborhood.

    Picture a beautiful natural rock cliff, cascading waterfalls, and the lake’s main channel right at your doorstep! You’re just minutes away from shopping, dining, golf, and fun activities. No long drives or toll bridges to worry about!

    Inside, you’ll find four spacious master suites with a bathroom and lakeside deck. Enjoy your morning coffee or watch stunning sunsets over the water.

    The living room is super comfy with a cloud couch and giant puffy ottomans. Sit back, relax, and take in those amazing lake views. And if you’re in the mood for entertainment, there’s a smart TV and a see-through fireplace. What more could you ask for?

    The kitchen is fully stocked with fancy appliances, a coffee maker, a toaster, and everything you need to cook like a pro chef. There’s even a dining table and a breakfast bar area with barstools.

    Get ready for a fantastic getaway at the Glass Mansion. It’s luxury, relaxation, and fun all in one place!

    3. Condo in Toronto Ontario, Canada

    Get ready to feel right at home in this awesome modern apartment! With two bedrooms and two bathrooms, it’s super spacious and has an amazing view of the Toronto City Skyline and Lake Ontario.

    Whether traveling solo, with your partner or family, or on a business trip, this place is perfect. Plus, it’s conveniently located near the Metro Toronto Convention Center!

    Both bedrooms have comfy queen-sized beds. The kitchen and dining area have everything you need to cook and relax after a long day of exploring or working.

    No worries about bed sheets or towels – we’ve got you covered! We have extra sets of bed sheets, duvets, and plenty of towels for everyone.

    The master bathroom has a tub and a stand-up shower, while the other bathroom is just as clean and tidy. And guess what? We also have a hair dryer and an ironing board for business travelers!

    The location couldn’t be better – we’re right in the heart of Toronto. You can walk to Union Station, Scotia Arena, CN Tower, and Lake Ontario in just 1 minute! And if you want to explore more, King Street

    West and all the cool restaurants are just a 7-minute walk away. You’ll never run out of things to do!

    Did we mention that we have super-fast Wi-Fi and a huge 65-inch flat-screen TV? Entertainment is sorted!

    So stay at our place and experience the best of Toronto. You won’t regret it!

    4. Cottage in Parry Sound, Canada

    Come and enjoy our amazing Silver Lining Muskoka Lakehouse! It’s fully furnished and perfect for any season. With Instagram-worthy sunsets over the lake, a sandy beach to relax on, and a hot tub and fire pit for fun with friends, there’s so much to do!

    You’ll also find a fully stocked kitchen, a cool treehouse, games, a BBQ, and an acre of privacy. Your furry friend will even have their own comfy bed! It’s the ultimate getaway for families and making unforgettable memories.

    And don’t worry about packing too much – we’ve got you covered with everything you need, from sheets to games to towels and even cooking essentials like oil, spices, coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Just make sure to bring life vests if you plan on swimming.

    Located just a short two-hour drive from the GTA, our lakehouse is easily accessible. And with its private setting and stunning views, you’ll feel like you’re in your own little paradise.

    So come and experience the beauty and fun of the Silver Lining Muskoka Lakehouse!


    As a real estate investor, you always look for ways to boost your property’s performance. For short term rentals, having an irresistible listing is key.

    Create an interesting, inviting description highlighting your property’s charm and appeal to attract potential guests and increase booking success.

    Follow these tips and example Airbnb profile description ideas to showcase what makes your rental special. Let your personality and the property’s unique features shine through in the details to give guests a sense of the experience that awaits them. Be sure to also to check out my Airbnb checklist for setting up your property.

    Creating the perfect listing takes effort, but the rewards in bookings make it worthwhile.

    Airbnb Description Examples FAQs

    How long should my Airbnb description be?

    Your Airbnb description should be concise and informative. Aim for 200-300 words, providing enough details without overwhelming potential guests with too much information.

    How do I optimize my Airbnb listing for search engines (SEO)?

    Use relevant keywords naturally in your description to help your listing appear in search results.

    Can I update my Airbnb description after I’ve already published my listing?

    Yes, you can edit and update your description at any time.