Tired of playing guessing games trying to price your Airbnb? Want to maximize bookings without leaving money on the table or constantly obsessing over rates?  Are you curious about the best Airbnb pricing tools to help?

    Pricing is a juggling act – go too high, and you risk vacancies. If you go too low, profits slip away. As a fellow hospitality investor, I get it.

    Stop manually tweaking prices in the dark. Let real-time data, not guesswork, drive your pricing strategy. Competitive intelligence and automation equals higher revenues and more bookings without the headaches.

    Ready to win the pricing game? I’ll uncover the best Airbnb pricing tools to painlessly adjust prices based on market demand, events, seasonal trends, and more.


    • You need an Airbnb pricing strategy—dynamic pricing tools to help you maximize revenue.
    • Beyond is my top choice because of its integrations and easy interface.

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    What Are the best Airbnb pricing tools?

    Best Choice

    Beyond (formerly Beyond Pricing)

    • Market-drive approach using real-time supply and demand data, local events, and seasonal trends to provide accurate and competitive pricing recommendations.
    • User-friendly and intuitive to use.
    • “Health Score” metric, which evaluates the performance of a property’s pricing.
    2nd choice


    • Robust rate customization tools, including the ability to set minimum and maximum prices for nightly rates, last-minute discounts, length-of-stay discounts, and more.
    • Group management capabilities so you can simultaneously manage multiple properties’ prices and streamline the pricing process.
    • Detailed analytics and reports that enable hosts to monitor their property’s performance over time and make changes as needed.

    1. Beyond Pricing

    This dynamic pricing tool provides an automated solution for Airbnb hosts to adjust their rates based on demand and get more bookings.

    Beyond Pricing is the best dynamic pricing tool because it provides powerful data-driven insights with real-time market trends, allowing hosts to make smart pricing decisions.

    Key benefits

    • Market-Driven Approach: Beyond Pricing employs a unique market-driven approach that analyzes real-time supply and demand data, local events, and seasonal trends to provide accurate and competitive pricing recommendations.
    • Transparent Pricing: As a property manager or owner, the platform clearly and transparently explains how it calculates pricing recommendations. This transparency empowers short-term rental managers with the knowledge and confidence to make well-informed decisions regarding their pricing strategies.
    • Health Score: The smart pricing tool features a “Health Score” metric, which evaluates the performance of a property’s pricing. This innovative approach helps users identify pricing models for improvement and adjust their strategies accordingly, ensuring optimal outcomes for their vacation rental business.
    • Ease Of Use: Beyond Pricing is designed with user-friendliness, featuring an intuitive interface and straightforward navigation. It makes it easy for property owners and managers of all experience levels to manage their pricing strategies effectively.
    • Flexible Pricing Model: Monthly and commission-based subscription, providing options catering to different budgets and preferences.
    • Integration With Property Management Software: Beyond Pricing integrates with your property management system and channels like Airbnb, Vrbo, and, allowing users to seamlessly sync their pricing across multiple platforms.


    Beyond Pricing provides three different pricing plans. The cost is straightforward and is determined as a percentage of your booking fees.

    beyond pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • Dynamic pricing tool with a data-driven approach that factors in all your location and situation details.
    • Integration with most major STR property management systems.
    • Priced as a percentage of your booking revenue, which might be more expensive than other pricing solutions that offer flat monthly fees.
    • You can customize the software but may find the platform lacking if you seek more advanced or granular pricing controls.
    price labs

    2. PriceLabs

    PriceLabs is another excellent smart pricing tool offering powerful and flexible dynamic pricing for short-term rentals and vacation properties.

    Key benefits

    • Advanced Customization As a dynamic pricing tool, PriceLabs offers various customizable pricing rules, including minimum and maximum nightly rates, last-minute discounts, and length-of-stay discounts, while also providing price tips and recommendations.
    • Group Management And Bulk Actions The platform’s ability to manage multiple properties’ prices simultaneously streamlines the pricing process. It saves time, especially for users with large portfolios or property management companies.
    • Global Coverage PriceLabs dynamic pricing has a wide geographic reach. Using market research, it provides data-driven pricing recommendations for short-term rentals in many countries and cities worldwide, making it suitable for diverse markets.
    • Performance Tracking And Analytics PriceLabs offers detailed analytics and reports that enable users to monitor their property’s performance over time, helping them make data-driven decisions to improve their revenue strategy.
    • Extensive Integration PriceLabs dynamic pricing integrates with various property management tools, channels, and booking platforms, allowing users to sync their pricing across multiple platforms and streamline their workflow.


    PricingLabs dynamic pricing tool offers several plans. These include a free plan for viewing analytics, dynamic pricing, which is based on the number of listings, and market dashboards. For a detailed breakdown of costs per number of listings and discounts beyond the first listing priced at $19.99, you can refer to the chart on the PricingLabs website.

    price labs pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • The bulk feature for multiple properties lets you manage prices for all of these simultaneously, saving you time.
    • Flexible customization of pricing strategies with several possibilities based on your needs.
    • This dynamic pricing tool offers a 30-day free trial that allows you to explore and evaluate the software’s features and capabilities to determine if this fits your property management needs.
    • Because PriceLabs offers a full range of features, there may be a learning curve in understanding its capabilities, and it may take time to fine-tune the pricing algorithms to fit your needs.
    • Pricing is based on a monthly subscription fee per property, which may not be suitable for every budget or those with fluctuating rental availability throughout the year.

    3. Wheelhouse

    Wheelhouse is an Airbnb intelligent pricing tool for short-term and vacation rental properties. This tool empowers property owners and management companies to optimize their rates, maximize revenue, and stay competitive.

    Key benefits:

    • Pricing Model: Wheelhouse offers a “Pay-As-You-Go” pricing model, allowing property owners to pay only when their property is booked. This can be more attractive than monthly subscription fees, especially for properties with fluctuating rental availability.
    • Local Expertise: Wheelhouse provides hyper-local pricing recommendations, considering neighborhood-specific factors and local events to deliver more accurate and targeted pricing insights.
    • Customization: As an Airbnb pricing tool, Wheelhouse’s platform enables users to set their pricing aggressiveness by setting the maximum price. Property managers can balance occupancy and revenue according to their specific goals and preferences by setting minimum and maximum rates.
    • Market Insights: Besides dynamic pricing recommendations, Wheelhouse offers valuable market research, such as competitive analysis and performance benchmarking, helping property owners make informed decisions about their pricing strategy.
    • User Experience: Wheelhouse is recognized for its intuitive interface and visually appealing design, making it easy for users to manage their pricing strategies and monitor their property’s performance.


    Wheelhouse offers two main pricing plans with a lot of flexibility. The Pro Flex plan charges 1% of bookings for up to 100 listings. On the other hand, the Pro Flat plan involves a set monthly fee per property, with discounts available based on the number of bookings. Wheelhouse also provides custom pricing options tailored to your needs.

    wheelhouse pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • Wheelhouse is noted for its user-friendly interface, making it a convenient smart pricing tool for users of all technical abilities.
    • The Wheelhouse dynamic pricing tool allows users to plan their pricing strategy far in advance, anticipating market trends and adjusting accordingly.
    • Wheelhouse’s dynamic pricing tool can help increase revenue by intelligently adjusting prices based on over 10 billion data points daily.
    • One of the main criticisms of Wheelhouse is its limited number of integrations with other software or channel managers.
    • Some users have reported that the software occasionally underprices or overprices their listings on essential dates like holidays.
    • Wheelhouse currently only covers 700 markets worldwide and has fewer partnerships than competitors, which may limit its usefulness for some users.
    price labs

    4. Airbnb Smart Pricing Feature

    Airbnb’s Smart Pricing tool is built into the Airbnb platform. This feature uses algorithms and market data to automatically adjust listing prices to maximize host revenue and booking potential. This isn’t the best Airbnb pricing tool. Why? It doesn’t have as many features as third-party options, and since it’s an Airbnb price recommendation, it doesn’t manage pricing across other listing platforms like VRBO. However, it is free and is an Airbnb-suggested price tool.🎉

    Key benefits

    • Free: This Airbnb pricing tool is a free feature built into the Airbnb platform.
    • Pricing customization: Airbnb smart pricing works by allowing hosts to set acceptable price ranges and raise prices according to demand.
    • Automation: Automatic adjustment of nightly prices based on demand, which helps hosts optimize pricing without manually.


    Airbnb Smart Pricing feature is built into the platform. You can turn this on and customize it by setting a nightly default price and custom pricing for specific dates.


    Pros and Cons

    • Airbnb smart pricing is a free feature that allows you to test and see if it meets your needs.
    • Set a minimum nightly rate as well as customization for specific dates.
    • Some hosts have found Airbnb Smart Pricing to be unreliable in some situations.
    • Does not have the level of customization, features, or reporting available from third-party tools.

    5. RevMax

    RevMax is a best Airbnb pricing tool I learned about in the BiggerPockets forum and decided to investigate. The software is part of the larger Inhabit real estate software tools group.

    Key benefits:

    • Pricing Model: RevMax has several different pricing models so that you can choose the best. The entry-level model is priced per property, while the middle and upper-tier levels are priced as a percentage of revenue.
    • Customization: This Airbnb pricing tool enables users to set their pricing aggressiveness by setting the minimum price.
    • Market Insights: Continuously adapts pricing based on various factors such as regional demand, seasonal trends, and other macro data


    RevMax offers three pricing plans with a lot of flexibility. The Efficiency Tools plan is priced at $20/month per property. The Efficiency + Automated Plan charges 1% of room revenue. And the Full Service Plan is 1.5% of room revenue.

    RevMax pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • Pricing structure options that appeal to short term rental business owners of all sizes.
    • Local market data drives the tool’s algorithm and data capabilities for dynamic pricing.
    • The interface and configs are intuitive and easy to set up, even for beginners.
    • Integration with other vacation rentals tools such as property management software.
    • Like almost all dynamic pricing tools, the software is not “set it and forget it.” You will need to manage and review on a regular basis.
    • May have a challenge scaling for larger property managers with several properties.
    price labs

    6. Mashvisor Dynamic Pricing Tool

    Mashvisor dynamic pricing tool leverages advanced algorithms and real-time data analysis to recommend optimal nightly rates for both high-peak and low-peak periods.

    Key benefits

    • Dynamic Pricing: Mashvisor’s algorithms automatically adjust pricing based on demand, events, seasonality, etc. This saves hosts time.
    • Market Data: Mashvisor incorporates local market and competitor rates into its pricing decisions.
    • Pricing Strategy: This Airbnb pricing tool allows hosts to choose a pricing strategy based on maximizing occupancy or revenue. Adjustable guardrails.
    • Forecasting: Users get occupancy and revenue forecasts to inform pricing and growth.


    Mashvisor’s Dynamic Pricing tool has several pricing options. For the beginner, they have a free trial version for one property that includes price automation for three months. Their popular pricing plan is the Manage Basic solution, priced at $9.99/month per property. They also offer custom pricing options.

    Mashvisor Pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • The dynamic pricing recommendations are easy to understand for new Airbnb hosts. Mashvisor provides clear explanations for the rate suggestions.
    • Mashvisor automatically adapts pricing based on upcoming events, seasons, comps, etc.
    • Great feedback on Mashvisor’s responsive customer support for questions on the pricing tools.
    • Limited customization of the pricing algorithm and ability to override automated recommendations.
    • Manual work is still required for adjustments vs being fully automated.
    • Mashvisor pulls limited data sources in its analysis compared to some other tools.

    7.AirDNA Smart Pricing Tool

    AirDNA Smart Pricing Tool automatically sets and adjusts nightly rates for Airbnb listings through algorithm and local market demand data.

    Key benefits:

    • Pricing Automaton: Automated rate adjustments based on real-time market conditions, event data, and calendar bookings.
    • Customization: Tools to set pricing rules, restrictions, and price floors/ceilings.
    • Market Insights: Insights into optimal pricing for each listing based on its unique attributes and history.


    The AirDNA Smart Pricing Tool is part of the Market Minder subscription, which includes data and analytics around vacation rentals. Six pricing options range from $12/month to $600/month and up to custom packages.

    Airdna pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • Positive feedback on AirDNA’s algorithm and that rates align well with true market conditions.
    • Robust platform with minimal bugs or technical issues.
    • This Airbnb pricing tool works well for all sized portfolios, and the solution caters to property management companies, too.
    • Data gaps – some of the less common listing types have data limitations.
    • Pricing may be a challenge for casual hosts with few listings.

    What Are the best Airbnb pricing tools?

    Airbnb pricing tools are specialized software designed to help hosts optimize their listing prices. These tools use algorithms and real-time data analysis to adjust prices based on demand, seasonality, market data, and competitors.

    Dynamic pricing software helps you maximize revenue, occupancy rates, and competitiveness while providing attractive prices for guests. Some tools offer calendar management, booking analytics, and integration with property management software for a comprehensive approach to managing rentals.

    How Do Pricing Tools Benefit You?

    Using the best Airbnb pricing tool helps property owners looking to make the most of their rental business. These tools provide a revenue management solution that allows you to set dynamic prices that reflect market supply and demand changes.

    You’ll never miss an opportunity to charge more during peak periods or scale back during slow times. You can customize Airbnb pricing software to have your rules, like minimum price per night and the right mix of competitor pricing you would like to be considered.

    From data-driven intelligence to automated price optimization, an Airbnb pricing tool offers a comprehensive suite of features that can help you maximize occupancy and keep your bottom line healthy.

    Buyers Guide: How I Conducted Research

    My research methodology involves a comprehensive approach to gathering information and insights on Airbnb hosting.

    • I gather data from various sources, including review websites, Airbnb forums, and direct conversations with property owners.
    • By utilizing these diverse sources, I ensure that our findings are well-rounded and provide a clear understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by hosts and property managers in the vacation rental market.
    • Through this research process, I aim to deliver valuable insights and actionable recommendations to help Airbnb owners optimize their listings, enhance guest experiences, and grow their businesses.
    • My husband and I are active real estate investors in the hotel space. We use similar tools in our dynamic pricing strategy. We thoroughly understand the immense value this software can contribute towards enhancing our profitability.

    Wrap Up

    The best Airbnb pricing tools can significantly enhance your Airbnb hosting experience and boost your business’s overall performance.

    Utilizing an Airbnb pricing tool is a smart way to ensure competitiveness in the market.  You need a tool like this to automate the analysis of market data so you can optimize occupancy rates and maximize revenue.

    In my hotel business, dynamic pricing tools have been invaluable in adapting swiftly to changes and securing bookings.

    I highly recommend incorporating a dynamic pricing tool into your rate management strategy, freeing up your time to focus on other aspects of your business, like marketing and advertising.


    FAQ About Pricing Software

    Does airbnb have a pricing tool?

    Yes. The pricing tool is called Airbnb Smart Pricing tool and it’s built into the Airbnb platform at no cost. This Airbnb pricing tool is a resource for property managers and vacation rental owners looking to optimize their pricing strategies.

    The Aibnb smart pricing tool utilizes advanced algorithms and data analysis to automatically adjust rental prices based on demand. This feature is particularly beneficial for property managers and hosts who want to maximize their revenue without spending excessive time and effort on manual pricing adjustments.

    By leveraging Airbnb’s pricing tools, property managers and hosts can ensure that their vacation rentals are competitively priced in the market, attracting potential guests and generating higher profits.

    Note that some hosts feel that the Airbnb smart pricing tool is not always accurate which is why they leverage third-party tools as an alternative.


    What is a dynamic pricing tool?

    Dynamic pricing software is a software solution that helps hospitality businesses, including property management and vacation rentals, optimize their pricing strategies by automatically adjusting prices.

    These adjustments are based on supply, demand, market research data, and other competitive short-term rentals.

    An Airbnb pricing tool uses a dynamic pricing algorithm based on real-time data analysis to determine the optimal price to maximize revenue, profit margins, and occupancy rates while ensuring competitiveness in the market.


    Why do you need a pricing strategy?

    The best Airbnb pricing tools empower you to automate and implement a highly effective pricing strategy. With these tools, you can strike a perfect balance, maximizing occupancy rates and optimizing nightly rates.

    Competitive vacation rental pricing, enabled by these tools, will attract potential guests and increase your bookings.

    A dynamic pricing approach, supported by the best Airbnb pricing tool, allows you to adjust rates based on seasonality, local events, and market insights. This ensures that your listing remains attractive even during fluctuating demand.

    Using a Airbnb pricing tool will help you establish a solid pricing structure, minimize manual effort, and save time and energy when monitoring and updating your listing prices constantly.


    Is dynamic pricing worth it?

    Yes. Dynamic pricing can benefit Airbnb hosts, property management, and vacation rental by creating a pricing structure that maximizes revenue and occupancy rates.

    Adjusting prices based on demand increases the chances of filling vacancies and boosts consistent occupancy and revenue.

    Using the best Airbnb tool for dynamic pricing reduces manual monitoring and updating of listing prices. However, it may not suit all hosts or properties, especially in less competitive markets.

    Consider trying different Airbnb pricing tools and strategies to find the best fit for your needs.


    What do Pricing Tools NOT do?

    The tools I’ve discussed in this post are not property management systems (PMS), channel manager tools, or guest communication tools for automated messaging. For more information on those tools, check out my post on overall Airbnb tools.