Finding the right software to help streamline your business can be a game-changer in real estate investing. That’s why I want to shed some light on REIPro, a comprehensive real estate investor software that offers a range of features to enhance your investment strategy.

    But here’s something you might not know: REIPro goes beyond just lead generation and marketing. It also provides a powerful deal analysis tool, a robust CRM system, and a user-friendly workflow system to help guide you through essential tasks.

    So, if you want to advance your real estate investing, keep reading this REIPro review to discover how it can revolutionize your business.

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    REIPro Review

    Key Takeaways From this REIPro Review

    • Comprehensive Platform: Centralizes crucial functions like lead generation, real estate CRM, and deal analysis, enhancing efficiency and decision-making.

    • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies navigation and processes, making it accessible for all levels of real estate professionals.

    • Universal Use: I use it as a wholesale real estate investor, but it’s designed for all types of investors (rehabbers, buy & hold, lease options, seller financing, pre-foreclosure investing, and note buyers), providing tools for quick deal turnovers and volume transactions.

    • Targeted Audience and Property Features: Allows for precise market targeting and property selection, increasing the likelihood of successful investments.

    • Direct Mailing Campaign Integration: Boosts lead generation and web presence, critical for marketing and outreach.

    • Versatile CRM: Helps track sales history and mortgage details, essential for informed decision-making and client management.

    • Creative Financing Support: Supports diverse financing methods, broadening investment opportunities and strategies.

    Software Overview

    REIPro stands out as a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for real estate investors, particularly appealing to someone like me who values solutions designed with an in-depth understanding of the market.

    REIPro was actually created by a real estate investor and resonated for me because of my experiences working with wholesalers in the single-family property sector. Because of its designers’ first-hand real estate experience, and depending on your settings, I find that this software efficiently streamlines lead generation, deal analysis, and marketing campaigns.

    Its advanced features helps you to target specific audiences and filter properties. You need this in today’s market, where a “good deal” often transcends MLS sales prices to include aspects like loan terms and seller financing.

    The software’s versatile deal analysis tools, including repair cost estimates and property value calculations, really help make investment decisions and find MLS comparable sales. Plus, it has a robust property search feature. You can search for various property types or a particular property type, including pre-foreclosures, vacant properties, bank-owned, and absentee owners’ lots, getting all the property details you need to streamline the entire investment process.

    REIPro’s CRM capabilities facilitate effective lead management and transaction consolidation. Furthermore, the software’s integration options with various applications enhance efficiency and productivity. The additional offering of training and classes is a notable aspect I particularly appreciate, as it provides valuable learning resources for investors and aspiring property owners.

    Lead Generation and Marketing Capabilities

    Let’s face it: if you’re in real estate, you need lead generation.

    REIPro offers a comprehensive software platform that provides users with various tools and features to effectively generate multiple leads and implement marketing strategies in real estate investing.

    The software’s lead generation capabilities greatly benefit real estate professionals looking to expand their network and find motivated sellers. With REIPro, users can search for properties based on specific criteria, such as vacant properties, bank-owned properties, and pre-foreclosures. This allows investors to target their marketing efforts towards the right audience.

    The platform also offers a campaign management feature, so you can create tailored marketing campaigns to reach the right audience.

    The success stories of REIPro users highlight the effectiveness of the software in generating leads and improving marketing strategies, leading to increased opportunities and growth in the real estate investing business.


    Deal Analysis and Estimation to Streamline the Real Estate Investment Process

    After effectively generating leads and implementing marketing strategies, the next step for real estate professionals is to get the best deal possible. That’s why REIPro offers solutions you can use for deal analysis and estimation.

    Deal Analyzer

    The Deal Analyzer feature in REIPro helps you estimate repair costs and calculate property value so you can decide if the property is worth going after.

    With the help of deal analysis tools, real estate professionals can evaluate the financial viability of potential deals and determine their profitability.

    Additionally, REIPro provides inspection forms that can help you follow a checklist on deals to make sure you are covering all aspects.


    Real Estate CRM and Lead Management

    With REIPro’s CRM and lead management features, investors can organize and track their leads which provides a streamlined and practical approach to managing their business.

    Quickly Add Lead Generation Info

    The CRM system lets you quickly input and update lead information, including contact details, property preferences, and notes. This centralized database provides a comprehensive view of all leads, enabling users to prioritize and follow up with potential opportunities.

    The lead management features also include automated follow-up reminders and customizable workflows, so that no lead falls through the cracks.

    Additionally, REIPro’s CRM integrates with other features, such as marketing campaigns and deal analysis, allowing for a seamless flow of information and actions.

    Integration for the Busy Real Estate Investor

    If you’re like me, you have many apps running your life. If I am going to add another one, it needs to be able to integrate with what I already use.

    One of the great things about REIPro is that it integrates with all your favorite apps.

    REIPro can be integrated with various applications, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

    Apps REIPro Integrates With

    • Google Suite

    • Zapier

    • Trello

    • Podio

    • HubSpot CRM

    • Squarespace

    • WordPress

    • Microsoft 365

    • Slack

    • ClickSend

    These integrations provide users with many tools to streamline their workflow and allow for seamless data transfer and automation, reducing manual tasks and improving efficiency.

    By integrating REIPro with other software, you can consolidate your real estate investment activities in one place and benefit from the unique features of each application.



    REIPro is a powerful tool in the real estate investment market, yet you also need to consider its full spectrum of capabilities and limitations before making a buying decision.

    1. Marketing Tool Effectiveness

    I found that certain tools, like pre-made templates or automated email campaigns, are not fully aligned with their unique marketing strategies. For instance, sometimes, I need to target a niche market that requires more customized solutions.

    2. Learning Curve

    Advanced features, such as detailed analytics or complex CRM functionalities, might be overwhelming for new users or those less tech-savvy. This could lead to the underutilization of the software’s full capabilities.

    3. Comprehensive Approach

    As strange as the sounds, this software might be too much for some investors and a waste of money. While REIPro offers a broad range of features, its all-encompassing nature might be more than what some users need.

    For example, small-scale investors might not require all the advanced CRM or extensive data analysis tools, leading to a feeling of paying for unneeded features.

    To mitigate these limitations, users can take advantage of REIPro’s training resources, seek community support, or start with basic features and gradually explore more advanced options as they become comfortable.

    REIPro isn’t perfect, but it’s very functional for the price.

    Pricing Options of REIPro

    REIPro offers two subscription plans catering to different needs in the real estate investing arena.

    Standard Plan – $109 per month (billed monthly) or $89 per month (billed yearly)

    • Ideal for individual investors or small teams.

    • This plan encompasses core functionalities essential for real estate investing.

    • It includes

      • Property information

      • Comprehensive lead generation tools

      • Deal analysis features

      • Direct mail marketing

      • A robust CRM system

      • And much more — Check out REIPro for a complete list of features.

    • This plan is perfect for those new to real estate investing or managing smaller-scale operations.

    Team Plan – $297 per month (billed monthly) or $247 per month (billed yearly)

    • Tailored for larger teams or established real estate businesses.

    • The Team Plan offers all the features of the Standard Plan but with the capability to support multiple users.

      • Isolate Team Members

      • Team Administration

      • Individual Customizations

      • Impersonate Feature

      • Chat Feature

      • Share Leads

      • 25% Off Postcard Printing

      • 200 Skip Trace Credits

    • This plan is designed for collaborative environments and larger-scale operations needing advanced tools and resources.

    For both plans, you can access In-app Purchases to make the software, or your business, even better.

    • Postcards (1st Class Postage incl.) – As low as $0.63

    • Skip Trace – As low as $0.13

    • List Cleaning (Per lead) – $0.02

    • Additional Exports – $0.10

    • Lease Option Contract – $49.99

    Each plan is structured to meet the varying scales of real estate investment activities, so you can select the option that best fits your business model and growth trajectory.

    Plus, both plans offer a free 14-day trial, so you can try it out for two weeks to see if you like it. I also haven’t had any hidden costs arise while using REIPro. While your real estate investing software needs may differ from mine, all the pricing and fees seem transparent and above board.

    The pricing flexibility of REIPro ensures that investors can choose the subscription plan that aligns with their requirements.

    REIPro campaign page

    Marketing Function and Workflow System

    After exploring the pricing options of REIPro, we should look at the marketing function and workflow system provided by this real estate software. Here are some key features and benefits of the marketing function and workflow system:

    • The software’s vast marketing library includes over 90 tested postcard templates with proven strategies. Users can, therefore, easily design and send direct mail campaigns (more on this below).

    • Users can leverage the 10-step workflow system to efficiently manage their real estate investments, from lead generation to closing deals.

    • Customizable phone scripts are available to help users effectively communicate with motivated sellers and negotiate deals.

    Direct Mail Capabilities in REIPro

    REIPro’s Direct Mail feature stands out as a versatile and user-friendly tool for creating and managing marketing campaigns. It allows real estate investors to reach out effectively to leads with personalized campaigns.

    You can craft, modify, and monitor various campaigns according to their specific needs. The freedom to add leads, print letters, and track mailed postcards offers significant flexibility.

    With an in-house printing service and the LISTMaid service for list cleaning, REIPro ensures your marketing efforts are efficient and targeted, minimizing errors like incorrect contact information. This feature is instrumental in enhancing lead generation and nurturing investor-led relationships.

    With these marketing strategies and workflow efficiency, users can enhance their user experience and streamline their real estate investment process.

    Additionally, I absolutely love that REIPro provides training and support to ensure users can utilize the software’s marketing function and workflow system effectively.

    Exploring Alternatives: REIPro Compared to Competitors

    While REIPro offers robust features, it’s a good idea to consider alternatives in the market to find the best fit for your needs.

    • Realeflow: Known for its lead manager and CRM, it is suitable for investors who need a more streamlined lead management system.

    • Podio: Offers a customizable platform for those needing a highly tailored CRM experience.

    • REI BlackBook: A good choice for investors requiring strong marketing tools and CRM functionalities.

    • ListSource: Ideal for those focusing heavily on direct marketing lead lists.

    • PropStream: Offers extensive MLS data and analytics, which benefits investors needing detailed market analysis.

    Each of these competitors has unique features and strengths. When choosing real estate investing software, consider how their specific capabilities align with your business strategies and operational needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some of the most asked questions about REIPro.

    Is REIPro Compatible With Mac and PC Operating Systems?

    Yes, REIPro is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. It meets the system requirements for both platforms, allowing users to use the software on their preferred operating system seamlessly.

    Can REIPro Be Used for Commercial Real Estate Investing, or Is It Primarily for Residential Properties?

    REIPro can be used for commercial real estate investing but is primarily designed for residential properties. Additionally, it can integrate with other software platforms.

    Does REIPro Offer Any Training or Resources for New Real Estate Investors?

    Yes, REIPro offers training programs, educational resources, and support for beginner real estate investors who want to increase their potential equity. They provide learning materials and even mentorship opportunities to help new investors succeed in the industry.

    Can REIPro Integrate With Other Popular Real Estate Software Platforms?

    Yes, REIPro can integrate with other popular real estate software platforms. The integration options provide benefits such as increased efficiency and productivity. However, there may be limitations depending on the specific software. Alternative options include Realeflow, Podio, REI BlackBook, ListSource, and PropStream.

    Are There Additional Fees or Costs Associated With Using REIPro, Such as for Postcard Mailings or Skip Tracing Services?

    Yes, there can be additional costs associated with REIPro, such as postcard mailings and skip tracing services. The pricing structure varies based on the subscription plan chosen. The software offers marketing options, accurate data, customer support, and a user-friendly interface.


    I hope all you real estate investors out there learned something from this REIPro review.

    In my opinion, REIPro is a solid real estate investor software offering a one-stop solution for lead generation, deal analysis, and CRM. It stands out for its comprehensive features and it’s user-friendly design and versatility. It’s a valuable tool in today’s diverse real estate market. It is also an excellent option for real estate investors who want a leg up on their competition.

    If you want to streamline your investment strategy and elevate your business, I recommend trying REIPro. Check out its capabilities first-hand with REIPro’s free 14-day trial, explore the possibilities, and see how it can transform your real estate journey.

    To start, visit REIPro and take the first step towards revolutionizing your real estate investments.