If you’re looking for a way to grow your real estate business by becoming a syndicator, you’ll need the right tools.

    Real estate syndication software can be a saving grace for managing deals, communicating with investors, and streamlining workflow.

    As a former newer syndicator myself, I know how hard it is to know where to start, especially when so many options are on the market and you have a limited budget.

    But don’t worry; I’m here to help!

    As mentioned, I have used these tools in my own real estate journey.

    My husband and I did our first hotel real estate syndication in November 2019. Our biggest challenge was trying to do waterfall calculations for investor distributions, and we needed software to help us manage that process. As beginner syndicators, we didn’t need a solution built for large portfolios — we just needed something cost-effective and easy to implement.

    We found what we were looking for and more.

    So, to help you navigate the sea of choices, I have compiled a list of the best real estate syndication software available today.


    • I recommend InvestNext for newer syndicators who are just getting started.
    • But if you want to grow faster, Cash Flow Portal is my second choice.
    • I’ve also included some options that start in the $700/mo range, which you may want to consider as you look at the future growth of your business.

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    A Quick Overview of the Top Real Estate Syndication Software

    Here is a quick overview of my top real estate syndication software choices. The full list of the top 7 real estate syndication platforms follows after.

    Best Choice for New syndicators


    • This is the top real estate syndication platform for new syndicator investors.
    • Affordable cost for syndicators with smaller portfolios. 🌟
    • Capital raise & investor portal.
    • Complex calculations for distributions.
    Best for Rapid Growth Syndicators

    Cash Flow Portal

    cash flow portal
    • Looking to get your investment to where you want it to be faster? Check out this professional investor portal that accelerates capital raising.
    • Affordable cost for new syndicators + scale up to $50M AUM.
    • Manage the entire syndication process.
    • Customer support through many easy channels.
    Best For including referral partners

    Investor Deal Room

    Investor Deal Room
    • If you have a few referral partners that you need to include, the following syndication platform is for you.
    • Securely include referral partners, track status, and ongoing management of this investor group.
    • Streamlined K-1 communication process.
    existing AppFolio property users


    Appfolio logo
    • Already using AppFoliio Property Manager? Get their syndication platform for an all-in-one suite of programs.
    • Seamless integration with AppFolio Property Manager for enhanced overall operations.
    • Full syndication lifecycle.

    The 7 Best Real Estate Syndication Software: A Deeper Dive

    As promised, here is a more in-depth review of the top seven real estate syndication software available.

    Real estate investing is unique to each person or company, and each has different goals and resources. Therefore, you must choose the best real estate syndication platform for your needs.

    If you want to join the real estate syndication industry and get ahead of the competition, invest in one or more platforms on this list.

    In this section, you’ll find each software’s benefits, pricing, and pros and cons.

    1. InvestNext

    InvestNext is a great software for managing real estate syndications. My husband and I use this in our syndication business, so I speak from experience!


    • It is easy to navigate around this software so you aren’t spending hours trying to figure it out.
    • There’s always going to be questions when you are implementing a new software and the InvestNext team helped us quickly get answers.
    • InvestNext is super affordable! Since you’re new syndicators, you don’t have a lot of real estate deals for economies of scale yet, so you need to keep administrative costs down.


    Below are the pricing plans from InvestNext.

    For those new to syndication, I recommend the All-In-One Suite. It’s got all the key features you need to support your first syndication. If you go with the fundraising suite, be warned that it doesn’t have an investor portal, and trust me, you’ll need that. 😉

    InvestNext Pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • Simple: Easy-to-use software means you aren’t spending hours figuring it out.
    • Complete: You can manage the entire syndication process, including fundraising, investments, and payments, so you don’t have to use many different software tools.
    • Accessible: The investor portal makes it easy to handle investor relations, keep everyone informed, and make it easy for your investors to monitor the status of their investments.
    • Integration: If you already have an investor CRM, integrating it with InvestNext might be trickier than other syndication software tools. We didn’t have a CRM yet, so this hasn’t been an issue.
    • Growth: InvestNext is a solid option for getting started, but as you grow, you might consider switching to a different solution because of the pricing structure. The downside of changing in the future is figuring out how to manage that with your investors.
    CashFlow Portal

    2. Cash Flow Portal

    Cash Flow Portal is my go-to option if you want to expand and add more syndications shortly. The pricing structure is super flexible for growth.


    • If you’re aiming for rapid growth, Cash Flow Portal excels here. Their pricing easily scales, allowing you to go from $1M assets under management (AUM) to $50M AUM without the hassle of requesting a custom quote to cover your entire portfolio.
    • I also love their excellent customer service support options. When running your syndication business, the last thing you want is trouble getting support. You can reach Cash Flow Portal support via phone, email, WhatsApp, Slack or Teams.


    Cash Flow portal has this handy calculator to determine the pricing based on funds under management. This screenshot below is for $1M and under.

    Cash Flow Portal pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • Free Trial: If there’s a free trial, it’s always a pro in my book, so you can see what the software is like before committing.
    • Manageable: You can easily manage your syndication process, from raising capital to communicating with investors to distributing funds.   
    • Scalable: Scalable model so you can start with your first syndication and grow without changing solutions.

    • Static: You may be unable to customize it in all the ways you want, so you should test this during the free trial period.

    3. Investor Deal Room

    Invest Deal Room is my third choice because it starts at $500 monthly, higher than InvestNext and Cash Flow Portal. However, it’s a fantastic solution with some unique capabilities.

    Key Benefits

    • Investor Deal Room has all the features of InvestNext and Cash Flow Portal, but a standout benefit is how it helps you manage referral and co-GP partners when raising capital. Sometimes, you might work with other companies on a project, and they refer their investor network to your project. With Investor Deal Room, it’s easy to handle the separate management of these groups for current and prospective investors.


    Investor Deal Room offers tiered pricing based on the number of investors and projects. You’ll need a custom quote if you have over 15 projects or 150 investors.

    Investor Deal Room Pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • Managed: This real estate syndication platform manages the entire process, easily integrating referral partners and effectively handling investor relations across multiple partners involved in the deal.
    • Streamlined: Offers an efficient K-1 communication process, which makes it easy for your investor to see and download their documents. This is also a pro because it can be complicated if you have referral partners.
    • Integration: If you already have a CRM, the integration feature might not be as robust as other tools.
    Investor Deal Room
    CashFlow Portal

    4. SyndicationPro

    As a newer syndicator, SyndicationPro is outside my current budget. However, this could be a great investment management software if you have more than a few syndications; this software could be a good fit. Other syndicators discussed the solution on BiggerPockets and had favorable feedback.


    • Digital PPM (Private Placement Memorandum) and Fully Integrated eSign so you can quickly close your investment round by automating the entire fundraising process.
    • SyndicationPro guides real estate investors through every part of the investment process, including securely signing subscription documents and funding their investment.


    Syndication Pro pricing has two options: a Pro Plan for syndications with less than $25M EUM and an Enterprise Plan for over $25M EUM. They don’t publish pricing on their website; you must complete a form to receive a quote.

    syndication pro pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • SEC-compliant: Their CRM ensures you meet regulatory compliance and can give investors confidence in your syndication.
    • User-friendly: The dashboard enhances investor relations by offering valuable metrics and helping you with efficient investment management.
    • Support: Getting quick answers for help can be challenging compared to other solutions like CashFlow Portal.

    5. Groundbreaker

    Groundbreaker is one of the newer syndication software companies focused on helping syndicators raise capital, secure commitments, and manage ongoing operations. This real estate syndication company was acquired by Janover in November, 2023 so we’ll watch to see any impact as a result.

    Key Benefits

    • Investor portal that offers investor self-service report access to their investment portfolios and simplified document management.
    • .Automatically calculates and posts distributions, notifies investors, and transfers ACH funds in real time.


    Groundbreaker does not provide pricing on their website. You must schedule a demo and get custom pricing for your needs to get this information.

    Side note: I recommend getting a demo for only some software. You’re probably busy running operations and deals, so you don’t have time to get on a call with every software option. Getting a demo takes time and effort. A demo is essential, but you should only get them for your top three picks.


    Pros and Cons

    • Simple: Groundbreaker’s user interface is simple and easy to use.
    • Real-time: Strengthen your investor relations with real-time information on deals.
    • Automated: Strong automation capabilities include fundraising, publishing offerings, electronic signing, and investment management. This automation streamlines your administrative work and helps you close deals faster.
    • Support: Some syndicators mentioned experiencing minor glitches when onboarding the platform and that having faster support options would be helpful.
    Investor Deal Room
    CashFlow Portal

    6. AppFolio

    AppFolio started as back-office accounting software for property managers and has moved into other real estate investment software areas, including syndication software. Other syndicators consistently use and mention this solution in forums and review sites.


    • AppFolio Investment Manager helps maintain and organize a robust database, including investment, fund, and partner data. It simplifies the process of tracking contributions, distributions, and documents.
    • The platform works well for investor management functions such as document storage, document signatures, and fundraising.


    AppFolio has two pricing options. The first is Core, which includes a CRM, investor portal, and fundraising workflows, starting at $700/mo. The second option is Premier, which requires a custom quote and offers more customization, integration, and private label capabilities.

    Appfolio pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • Helpful: Strong commitment to listening to customer needs and consistently improving its products without charging extra fees.
    • Integration: If you use AppFolio Property Management, the syndication software integration allows for streamlined operations, including calculating waterfall distributions and generating reports.
    • Features: Contributions and distribution features could be improved with more customization capabilities.
    • Price: The pricing can be steep for newer syndicators.

    7. Agora

    Agora is an all-in-one platform with an investor portal, CRM, fundraising tools, investor reports, and distribution capabilities. Agora supports complex structures like Co-GPs and different syndication models.

    Key Benefits

    • User-friendly and intuitive interface, making it easy to navigate and use.
    • Strong K1 functionality that saves syndicators time.
    • Easy-to-use investor portal that benefits investor relations by providing LPs with a clear overview of their investments.


    Agora is priced based on EUM and starts at $749/month. To get more information on pricing for your syndication, you must complete a contact form or set up a demo for a quote.

    Agora Pricing

    Pros and Cons

    • Reporting: Strong investor reporting capabilities such as account statements and K-1 reports, as well as back-office management.
    • Helpful: Agora is responsive and readily available to address questions and concerns — which you need for software like this that runs your business.
    • Price: It is a pricier solution for newer syndicators if you are just getting started and don’t have more than a few syndications.
    Investor Deal Room

    What Is Real Estate Syndication Software?

    Real estate syndication software is a technology platform to help manage investors and real estate investments under syndication.

    Commercial real estate firms use this software to streamline the operational processes around syndications versus buying many software tools and trying to piece them together.

    You need this real estate syndication platform to help with investor communication, track deals, and distribute funds. And even better, syndication software speeds up capital raising, benefiting everyone.

    How Else Can Real Estate Syndication Software Benefit You?

    This software automates manual processes, saving you time to focus on managing investments and prospecting new projects.

    When my husband and I did our first syndication, we were overwhelmed by simultaneous tasks. We focused more on being capital raisers, preparing loan documents, assisting investors with SDIRAs, and addressing last-minute closing items.

    It was a chaotic period……..🤪

    I didn’t even consider using real estate syndication software until I began manually providing investor reports through a password-protected section on our website. 🤷‍♀️

    The need for this technology became more apparent as we started to compute complex waterfall calculations for investor distributions.

    Real estate syndication software helps you through the entire lifecycle, facilitating communication about the project with investors, providing status updates, collecting necessary investor documents, setting up distributions, and more. It doesn’t matter if you are doing equity or debt investments; this software also improves investor satisfaction by increasing transparency and enabling investor self-service to pull information.


    Buyers Guide: How I Conducted Research

    Here are the factors I used when evaluating the platforms.

    • Pricing: I looked for information clearly stated and available on the website, eliminating the need for a sales call.
    • Features: I evaluated the standout features of each product.
    • Drawbacks: I noted any shortcomings or missing elements in each product.
    • Use Case: I did not evaluate solutions like Juniper Square that don’t have options for smaller syndicators.
    • Personal Experience: I drew from our experience utilizing syndication software for our hotel syndications.


    Don’t let the complexity of managing your real estate syndications overwhelm you. If you are a new syndicator, there are affordable options to help you manage your syndication. For those who are more seasoned, there are platforms more customized to your needs.

    Syndication tools help you automate operational processes while providing better support and engagement for your investors. When you use software like this, you’ll have more time to focus on finding new deals and growing your business.

    Real estate syndication software has helped me enhance investor relations because my investors have one easy place to see my status and monthly investor updates. It handles all the complicated waterfall calculations and automatically generates investor distributions via ACH, making this process incredibly simplified and easy.

    If you are a syndicator, you need a solution from one of these real estate syndication websites to help you automate the most critical aspects of your business.


    Real Estate Syndication Software FAQ

    Here are the questions I most often get asked about real estate syndication platforms from investment managers and beginner investors alike.

    Can anyone start a syndication?

    Yes, anyone can start a syndication company. However, it can be complex. You must understand your commercial real estate niche, know financials, and have excellent management skills.

    Before we did our first syndication, we had been in real estate investing for over 20 years and hotels for over three years. Investors need to be confident in your ability to deliver results before they commit to your project. The same applies if you are using a real estate crowdfunding platform to help you connect with investors — they want to see you have a track record.

    How do I start my own syndication?

    Assuming you have experience in whatever commercial real estate niche you are looking to syndicate, here are the steps:

    1. Find a suitable investment opportunity

    Conduct thorough market research to identify properties that align with your investment criteria. Analyze market trends, property performance, and financial projections to evaluate the viability of each opportunity.

    1. Structure the syndication

    Determine the legal structure of your syndication, such as forming a limited liability company (LLC) or partnership. Work with a lawyer to prepare the necessary offering documents like the private placement memorandum (PPM) or offering memorandum (OM).

    1. Raise capital

    Present your investment opportunity to potential investors through meetings, presentations, webinars, or online platforms to start raising capital. Effectively communicate the benefits and possible return on investment (ROI) to attract investor interest.

    1. Execute the investment

    Acquire the identified property, manage renovations or improvements if necessary, and implement a strategic asset management plan to maximize returns.

    1. Manage the syndication

    Once you secure investor commitments, establish an investor portal or management platform to handle investor reporting, communications, and distributions efficiently. Implement robust systems and processes for ongoing management and compliance.

    1. Provide regular updates and distributions

    Maintain open communication with investors, providing them with regular updates on the progress of their investment portfolios with you. Distribute returns as outlined in the offering documents.

    Seek professional guidance from lawyers, financial advisors, and industry experts throughout the process to ensure compliance and maximize the success of your real estate syndication.

    What is syndicate software?

    This CRE investment syndication software is a digital tool that streamlines and automates the processes involved in syndication.

    The right syndication software enhances the investor experience and makes it easier to raise capital. You should look for an easy way to manage investor requests, communicate with passive investors, direct payment to bank accounts, streamline subscription processes, secure investor portals, smooth onboarding, and support real estate sponsors and sales teams.

    All the best syndication companies use this software to handle investor management, fundraising, capital distribution, and investment management.

    Trust me – you need this software even as a new syndicator. These tools will help you increase investor satisfaction and grow your business.